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Dec 15, 2022

Vietnamese shoe brand Biti’s teams up with young local artists

INSPIRATION STATION: 40 artists across a range of sectors showcase images to reflect the country’s progress in the last four decades.

Vietnamese shoe brand Biti’s teams up with young local artists

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, retailer Biti’s teamed up with 40 up-and-coming local artists to create art that reflects the many sectors of progress in Vietnam such as export, tourism, tech, local pride, music, sustainability, self-expression, beauty standards, and urbanisation. The artists were plucked from various sectors and include animators, tattoo artists, mixologists, chefs, and graphic designers—all who shared their perspectives on topics including LGBT rights, creative, tech, esports, F&B, and more.

Additionally, a 40-frame 1.6-second video content titled ‘A Step Forward” was produced to depict these 40 stories of the country’s progress. The campaign was conceptualised by Dentsu Redder. To view more images, visit


Dentsu Redder
Advisors: Hùng Võ, Uyên Phạm
Executive Creative Director: Edmund Choe
Group Creative Director: Livio Grossi
Copywriters: Lâm Trần, Vy Bùi, Tuấn Cao
Art Director: Dung Cao
Design team: Quỳnh Dương, Trân Đỗ, Trang Ngô, Louis Codron, Trân Đỗ, Minh Trung, Phước Thịnh, Hà Ny, Hoàng Anh, Thư Lê, Thành Đàm, Trung Đông, Dương Dương, Quỳnh Dương
Production team: Sang Ngô, Bình Nguyễn, Hưng Nguyễn, Thố Phan
Social team: Chi Lê, My Trần, Vân Lê
Traffic team: Khánh Lý, Anh Phan
Account team: Hiếu Bùi, Tiên Lê, Ngân Dương, Lộc Hoàng, Gia Bảo
Strategy team: Vân Kiều, Phát Đỗ

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