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Dec 20, 2021

Ultraman monsters menace Hong Kong in UA Finance campaign

But never fear, a set of Hong Kong heroes is armed and ready to vanquish them, in a campaign by M&C Saatchi Spencer.

Ultraman monsters menace Hong Kong in UA Finance campaign

Four original Ultraman monsters, courtesy of Tsuburaya Productions, threaten Hong Kongers in a new campaign by M&C Saatchi Spencer. The baddies represent debt trouble, and of course they meet defeat in the end. But not at the hands of Ultraman. Rather a quarter of Hong Kongers, led by sweat-slicked actor/singer Endy Chow, don an Iron Man-style arm that represents UA Finance's suite of personal-loan products. 

Ad Nut likes that the campaign is exactly as campy as it should be.

The film was directed by Man Chung of Film Factory, and the agency said the monster costumes are originals shipped from Japan. (Ad Nut hopes it wasn't a spoiler for you that those are people in costumes and not actual monsters or animatronics or something.) 

In addition to TV, the campaign also includes outdoor in prominent locations including all three cross-harbour tunnels in the city, as well as point-of-sale materials and digital ads.

In addition the brand is distributing thousands of bottles of UA Finance soda water which "symbolise the instant relief after UA's empowerment", using an 'armed' truck.

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