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Dec 20, 2017

The untrue meaning of Christmas

Resn offers a delightfully trippy revisionist Christmas story involving an elf, a cabin in the woods and some mushrooms.

The untrue meaning of Christmas

At Campaign we receive all forms of Christmas cards this time of year from well-wishers. Some are paper cards, mailed traditionally, others come electronically with links and even animations.

But on occasion, when we're lucky, an agency may share a story with us so special that we feel the need to share it with you, too.  Such was the case with Resn out of New Zealand with a delightful and wondrous tale of a little elf with his flute who is given a magical Christmas revelation in his cabin in the snowy woods with the help of some special mushrooms.

See the work: Resn's Little Helper

"The real origins of Christmas have become so muddied and convoluted over the years... even the name of the main protagonist is not agreed upon globally," explained Mark Wordsworth, senior creative producer at Resn.  "Worse still, the true here - and let's speak his full name now, Jethro Funklegs Carbon 14 Alphabettyspaghetti, has been universally forgotten.  And why? Cos of a recreational dispostition to experiment and a cultural distate for the flute! It was too sad for us to ignore any longer."

Thanks to Resn, that's unlikely to be the case any longer.

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