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Dec 23, 2021

The top 10 top 10 lists of the best brands in specific product categories in APAC in 2021

YEAR IN REVIEW: Our lists of the top 10 brands in specific product categories—shoes, beers, cars, phones, and many more—proved to be quite popular in 2021. Consult this list of lists to see which list was liked the most.

The top 10 top 10 lists of the best brands in specific product categories in APAC in 2021

In the latter half of 2021, Campaign Asia-Pacific used the data from this year's edition of the Asia's Top 1000 Brands research, produced in partnership with Nielsen IQ, to produce a series of features looking at Asia's top 10 brands in a variety of product categories. These lists not only revealed the top 10 brands in those categories on an Asia-wide basis, but also delved into individual markets—uncovering interesting variations, such as spots where the regional champs have not captured share, and where local heroes rule.

Here, based on website traffic, are the 10 top 10 lists that drew the most reader interest.

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2021: The year in review

1. The top 10 shoe brands in Asia-Pacific

While the top two brands across APAC won't surprise you, read this special report to find out how widely brand preference for shoes and sportswear varies from market to market across APAC—and why shoes are like cars for your feet.

Sample fact: Nike is No. 1 in all 14 markets we surveyed, except two.


2. The top 10 mobile phone brands in Asia-Pacific

For better or worse, the power smartphones hold over us is pretty much unprecedented in the history of consumer products. Find out which brands people in Asia obsess over the most in this special report.

Sample fact: Despite its top ranking on a regional basis, Apple is No. 1 in only three markets; its top regional ranking derives from the fact that it's No. 2 in every other market we survey.


3. The top 10 beer brands in Asia-Pacific

Beer! Humans love it. And Asia drinks more of it than any region. But what beer brands do people love the most across Asia, and in specific markets? Find out in this special report derived from our Asia's Top 1000 Brands research. 

Sample fact: Six APAC markets have a local brewer as their top brand.


4. The top 10 skincare and cosmetics brands in Asia-Pacific

From eyeliners to cleansers, from foundations to moisturisers, and from concealers to anti-aging serums, beauty is big business. See which brands get the most facetime in Asia-Pacific in this special report.

Sample fact: The regional top brand, L'Oreal, is No. 1 in only one individual market.


5. The top 10 fast-food brands in Asia-Pacific

While global quick-serve giants occupy the top-most spots in the fast-food category in our exclusive Asia's Top 1000 Brands research, local favourites still satisfy stomachs in individual markets.

Sample fact: Several brands got name-checked in only one market, and New Zealand is particularly idiosyncratic, with brands like Burger Fuel and Georgie Pie making the local list.


6. The top 10 video games in Asia-Pacific

For the first time, our Asia's Top 1000 Brands research asked people across APAC to tell us which video games they think are the best. See which franchises reign supreme, across the region and in individual markets.

Sample fact: The No. 2 brand regionally is actually the top pick in more markets than the regional No. 1 brand. 


7. The top 10 car brands in Asia-Pacific

A car is the most expensive consumer good many people will ever buy. But cars are also a source of fantasy—both for those who can't afford one at all and for those who would like to upgrade. See which auto brands Asia admires most in this special report.

Sample fact: Despite name recognition, Tesla does not rank within the top 10 regionally and only cracks the top 10 in four individual markets.


8. The top 10 liquor and spirits brands in Asia-Pacific

Relax, get a glass and pick your poison, as we explore the spirits/liquor brands people in Asia most love to drink—responsibly, of course.

Sample fact: Johnnie Walker walks out in front of the pack regionally and in five specific markets. Meanwhile, no other brand tops the local list in more than one market.


9. The top 10 headphone and audio brands in Asia-Pacific

Which brands have the ears of APAC consumers, both on a regional basis and in specific markets? Find out in this special report derived from Campaign's Asia's Top 1000 Brands research.

Sample fact: The No. 9 brand on a regional basis is BoAt, which attains that ranking thanks solely to a No. 2 ranking in India, where it has captured 30% of the audio market in just five years. It is not ranked anywhere else.


10. The top 10 snacks and candies in Asia-Pacific

We can't settle international arguments over controversial terms such as 'cookies' versus 'biscuits' or 'crisps' versus 'chips'. But thanks to our Asia's Top 1000 Brands research, we can give you not one but three top 10 lists about the brands people in Asia turn to when they're feeling peckish.

Sample fact: Regional No. 2 Ritz ranks highly in many markets but is the top choice nowhere. Its highest rankings are fourth (Taiwan and Thailand) and fifth (Australia and Indonesia). 

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