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Jun 3, 2014

See who's on the China Digital A-List

HONG KONG - Campaign Asia-Pacific today launched the China Digital A-List: See who made it onto the list and gain insight from their words of wisdom.

See who's on the China Digital A-List

Visit to not only meet the 100 members of the list but also read exclusive articles about the state of China’s digital industry. Learn even more about best practices at Campaign’s Digital360 China event in Shanghai on 10 June.

The names and faces you’ll find on Campaign’s list are the movers and shakers as well as the guiders and drivers. They are the ones behind the curtain pulling the strings, doing the work and propelling China’s digital marketing industry to the top of the world’s ranking. We’re proud to release our first Digital A-List today. You can see it at and share your favourites—your colleagues, your friends or yourself—out to the world on both Eastern and Western social-media networks.

About the China Digital A-List

“Crossing the Great Wall to every corner of the world,” were the words that appeared on screen at the University Karlsruhe in Germany after Professor Wang Yunfeng and Doctor Li Chengjiong sent China's first-ever email from Beijing in 1987.

That was the start of digital China. Since then the world has become a different place. China has blossomed into the world’s second largest economy and some would argue it has already achieved purchasing-power parity with the USA. In terms of ad spend, the country is in a horse race for second-largest market in the world. And it seems unlikely it will stop there.

E-commerce is booming and m-commerce is taking off faster than anywhere else. If you are a history watcher, this is the front row seat to a pivotal transition in the world of business. From international politics to finance to the arena of brand building, China’s digital evolution is a macro story that is too big to ignore. But don’t forget the trees for the forest. Behind the broad brush strokes are singular personalities pushing the narrative forward.

Just as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates drove once-unknown computer startups to become giants and top of mind for billions of people across the planet, there is a new generation of digital brilliance coming up through the ranks. Keep an eye on Lenovo and Huawei for sure but there’s still another level to drill down to. And that’s what the A-List is all about.

Read more about the origin of the China Digital A-List here.



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