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Oct 31, 2016

Private view: Nursery crimes, unlimited stadiums and Big Gulps

Nora Manjit and Suthisak Sucharittanonta share their reactions to work from PS The Children, Cadbury, Mondelez, Nanfu Battery, Nike and 7-Eleven.

Upper row, L-R: Nora Manjit, Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Upper row, L-R: Nora Manjit, Suthisak Sucharittanonta

In Private View, we ask two creative leaders to comment on recent work from around the region.

This month's participants:

  • Nora Manjit, executive creative director, Havas WW Jakarta
  • Suthisak Sucharittanonta, chairman and CCO, BBDO Bangkok

1. Nursery crimes
Project: ‘Nursery crimes’
Client: P. S. The Children
Agency: NagaDDB Malaysia

Manjit: Employing nursery rhymes to denote sexual abuse of children didn’t come as a total surprise to me. Someone, somewhere, stood up and said: “Hey folks, ‘Jack & Jill’ isn’t just about carrying a pail of water.” This campaign, however, took the idea a step further by modifying the lyrics. In so doing, it added a sinister twist to the ad’s tone of voice.

Sucharittanonta: These days, ads that stand out are ads done with purpose, and this is one example. It highlights local tensions and was deftly executed: both emotional and relatable. Nursery rhymes and sexual abuse blend with the right cast and editing to deliver a memorable, and hopefully successful, campaign.

Campaign's coverage: 'Nursery crimes': One ECD's quest to stop child sexual abuse in Malaysia 

2. Cadbury Celebrations
Project: ‘Cadbury celebrations’
Client: Mondelez India 
Agency: Contract Advertising

Manjit: Using the tradition of Raksha Bandhan as a platform for gender equality is interesting. Adding in a box of chocolates to the mix is sweet. But did I buy into it? Not really. Some cute banter between brother and sister felt too lightweight to tackle an age-old issue.

Sucharittanonta: To celebrate a festival of ‘brother-sister bonds’ and a box of chocolates at the same time may have been a tough brief. The simple story and dialogue work to a point, but leave me wondering if this could have been even more surprising and touching.

3. NanFu Battery
Project: ‘The fencing’
Client: Nanfu Battery
Agency: & Creative Lab

Manjit: A nicely produced ad. The seamless transition from one scenario to the next is well executed. But I would have loved to see a stronger brand role.

Sucharittanonta: It’s good to see an Asian brand produce an ad for the Olympics. It’s beautifully shot, but it feels short on the emotional connection that it could have made. Perhaps if they had set up some tension in the first half before revealing the success of the national hero, it would have made more impact.

4. Nike
Project: ‘Unlimited stadium’
Client: Nike Manila
Agency: BBH

Manjit: A shout-out to Nike — may we have ‘Unlimited stadiums’ everywhere? While challenging oneself is nothing new, I love the ambitious execution of the idea becoming larger than life with a physical stadium in the shapes of a sole print and an avatar.

Sucharittanonta: In this social era, consumers have become spokespersons. I’m a fan of digital and technology, and this ad executes them together with good taste. Focusing on the experience on competing against one’s self, makes it all the more relevant for Nike.

5. 7-Eleven
Project: ‘Gulpihan sa 7-Eleven’
Client: 7-Eleven Philippines
Agency: MullenLowe Philippines

Manjit: It’s more fun in the Philippines, as they say. Well, 7-Eleven is proving that politics in the Philippines can be fun too. But I found it more flippant — maybe I am not fun enough to appreciate the fun. 

Sucharittanonta: An interesting promo during one of the most controversial Philippines elections. It was clever to use Facebook’s ‘event’ tool to drive word of mouth.

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