Matthew Miller
Dec 15, 2017

Our 10 favourite ads of 2017

Our listicle-based look back at the year in APAC marketing and communications continues, with our 10 favourite APAC ads.

Our 10 favourite ads of 2017

In the last couple weeks before the holidays, we're taking a look back at 2017—listicle style. Today, our 10 favourite ads. These aren't necessarily award winners, but they all impressed. Click through to read our full take on each piece of work.

Presented in no particular order.

Vicks focuses on the 'Touch of care' in India
Advertiser: Vicks India
Agency: Publicis Singapore

"'Brave' is a word that gets abused in this industry, but it legitimately applies here." 

'Hold tight': ANZ's strongest work yet for same-sex couples
Advertiser: ANZ
Agency: TBWA

"Simple and powerful, it lets the viewer experience a moment every gay couple can relate to, but one that straight people can scarcely imagine." 

Double A and OK Go make paper the star in a feat of technical wizardry
Advertiser: Double A
Agency: Six Inc (Hakuhodo)
"The fact that a paper brand facilitated this piece of entertainment is proof that any company, regardless of how boring its products may at first seem, can produce something genuinely interesting if it puts its mind to it and is prepared to give the most talented people creative freedom."

Ogilvy HK unleashes spectacularly dirty 'Dick the dog' on global audience
Advertiser: MTV's Staying Alive Foundation
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
"However raunchy you think a condom PSA starring a pooch-as-penis could be, you're probably underestimating what you're about to see." 

Height-challenged ballers prove fearless in new Nike spot for China
Advertiser: Nike
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

"Magical realism and liberal mixing of genres and memes makes the spot a compelling watch." asks hoarders to sell their stuff through song-and-dance routine
Agency: Isobar Malaysia

"Sure, the rendition of HoEeKi ('Let it go')—enough with the Frozen references already!—is cringe-worthy, but it's funny and effective all the same."

A high-tech Lazy Susan gives personality to a motor maker
Advertiser: Nidec
Agency: Dot by Dot

"Great fun and a fine way to showcase Nidec’s claim of producing ‘motors that move the world’. Motors are something we rarely think about but that offer endless potential for creativity. The check roulette was an especially nice touch."

This police recruitment video is flippin' good
Advertiser: New Zealand Police
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand

"Real cops go head over heels more times than seems strictly necessary in a funny film that focuses on the community side of policing rather than crime."

A Korean banana-milk brand made some bananas accessories
Advertiser: Binggrae Banana Milk
Agency: Innored
"To enhance its popularity with young people, the popular Korean brand introduced innovative accessories for consuming the beverage, such as a fire-extinguisher attachment meant to pair with spicy food and a straw that looks like an IV bag, because the drink is apparently popular as a hangover cure." 

Attack mutant face or drink this buy
Advertiser: Good Mood (Suntory)
Agency: Arcade Singapore
"For the launch of Good Mood, a so-called functional mood drink, in Indonesia, Suntory let Arcade make a bonkers backwards disaster movie, in which an office dude has a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day after (before) he makes the wrong choice at a convenience store."


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