Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
Feb 14, 2014

O&M calls Angel Chen's successor at OgilvyOne China a 'major coup' from Netherlands

SHANGHAI - Jacco Ter Schegget, outgoing president of Tribal Worldwide Europe cum co-CEO of DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, will be the new president of OgilvyOne China come April.

Jacco Ter Schegget
Jacco Ter Schegget

Thirteen-year veteran Angel Chen held the top China job at OgilvyOne, O&M’s customer engagement discipline, from 2011 until she resigned on 5 September 2013.

In his new role, Ter Schegget will be responsible for the strategic direction, growth and development of OgilvyOne's operations in China, including leading new business efforts, the creation of new products/services and the development of staff.

He is expected to "invigorate the OgilvyOne discipline" by developing its digital and CRM businesses to be much more data- and commerce-driven. “I would like to bring the organisation to the next level,” Ter Schegget said.

With more than 15 years of experience in digital communications, Ter Schegget’s move to the east follows a seven-year stint at the helm of DDB & Tribal Amsterdam. Under his management, the agency was the first digital agency to win a Cannes Film Grand Prix in 2009.

In addition to his Amsterdam responsibilities, Ter Schegget also served as digital officer for the DDB Group in Europe. Hailing from the Netherlands, Ter Schegget speaks English, Dutch, German and conversational Swedish.

Jerry Smith, regional president of OgilvyOne Asia Pacific, told Campaign Asia-Pacific that the hire is a "major coup" not only for Ogilvy but also for China, signaling that the country is at a stage where this type of intercontinental move is now possible and desirable. "It is always exciting when someone with so much success outside Asia looks to further their career here," he said.

Like Graham Fink before him, Ter Schegget feels that Ogilvy China is now the perfect vehicle for his next career stage. "OgilvyOne and China proved to be a very attractive combination to me," he told Campaign Asia-Pacific in an exclusive interview. "I love the depth of the Chinese culture and the great energy it displays today, especially in advertising and digital communications."

When quizzed about the latest digital trend in China, the Dutch native pointed out that although the mainland has some unique and powerful digital platforms, digital trends are global by definition.

"The waves of social and mobile channels are maturing rapidly, and the hype is wearing off," he said. "Data will allow us to become more critical of the ROI of these platforms."

One phenomenon he personally has great expectations about is digital's move outside of the browser. "Think digital wearables, digital screens on the shopping floor, digital textiles," he enthused. "Marketers need to rethink creativity in a world with so many new touchpoints."

Ter Schegget brings category experience rather than geographical experience, Smith said, adding that he will learn the nuances of China just as he has in many other markets. "China is a leader on the global stage, not a follower, and our business needs people who see it this way too," Smith said.


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