Jan 23, 2017

Not advertising but "story-doing" as a force for good

Creative studio Cloudfactory loves to bring campaigns to life through a combination of brand acts and 'story-doing'

Left to right: Sandrine Huijgen, Jessica Kersten, Olivier Teepe, Sandeep Chawla, partners, Cloudfactory
Left to right: Sandrine Huijgen, Jessica Kersten, Olivier Teepe, Sandeep Chawla, partners, Cloudfactory

With so much uncertainty and divisiveness in the world today, it’s more important than ever for brands to embrace a higher purpose. We strongly believe in creativity for good. It’s one of Cloudfactory’s pillars – helping brands harness their power and creativity to make a statement for change and optimism. 

We also believe in "story-doing". Of course, we love making films and beautiful prints, but what we love even more is creating real acts. We like doing stuff that makes a difference.  If brands did more and talked less, people would love them for it. We never limit ourselves to a television commercial – we look for the bigger picture. Brand acts are, and will continue to be, more important than ever.

We always bring our clients along for the whole ride. An often-misunderstood species, they are experts on their brands, after all. They can play a major role in co-creating the final creative solution.  Chemistry – that all-important and often-elusive "click" – is also critical. "Great work comes out of great relationships " – a simple but fundamental truth, and one that we live by.

We value craft and bring artists and craftsmen to the table early in the process. Why give a film director a signed-off storyboard when he or she can offer input as soon as we have an idea? Why not invite a photographer to the creative table when the execution of the idea hasn’t yet been shaped? 

Collective instincts
We all left the safe shores of corporate advertising and are trying to reinvent what we learned, often "un-overintellectualising," "un-processing," and always relying on our collective judgment and intuition rather than long, drawn-out campaign development processes.

So, we manufacture urban orchards, robots, feminine feminists, DIY job interviews, pocket-sized worlds, wonderful secret gardens, cider dens and, occasionally, some ads, sending them off into the world, hoping to make a tiny difference.   


Campaign "The awakening"
Brand Marlies Dekkers
Client Marlies Dekkers
Medium Online, PR and in-store

Campaign "Nature remix"
Brand Strongbow
Client The Heineken Company
Medium Online, TV, print, out-of-home, POS, events, PR

Campaign "Go places"
Brand The Heineken 
Employer Brand
Client The Heineken Company
Medium Online

Campaign "For the love of earth"
Brand MUD Jeans
Client MUD Jeans
Medium PR and online

Cloudfactory in numbers

  • 12k: Record number of filmmakers engaged by cloudfactory in one project

  • 100: Record number of locations used in one cloudfactory shoot

  • 1: Number of non-human employees (A robot called Eddie N)

Unhindered thinking
This photo is symbolic of our name and it embodies who we are and how we think and create. We’re not just dreamers, we’re doers. We love making things. Getting our hands dirty. Dipping them in soil, cutting them with paper, covering them in glue, cables, flower petals and fabric.

And we like to make things happen. We bring campaigns to life through brand acts and "story-doing". We think big. We make sure all of our co-collaborators have a seat at the table whether they’re clients, directors, beekeepers, nature artists, industrial designers or porcelain makers.

They open our minds to creative solutions beyond making a TV ad. Together, we push, pull and shape until we’ve reached the big idea and brought it to life. Our world view is unadulterated, uncomplicated and unhindered. We have a big, bright sky-scraping perspective. After all, the sun’s always shining above the clouds.

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