Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
Aug 11, 2015

Manulife: Track your fitness, pay less for insurance

HONG KONG - A new initiative from Canada-based insurer Manulife seeks to turn insurance from a lottery you don't want to win into an elective but proactive data-driven health product.

Manulife: Track your fitness, pay less for insurance

Client: Manulife

Agencies: Dentsu and PHD  

Market: Hong Kong

Name of campaign: ManulifeMOVE

Campaign scope: Product innovation, mobile app, online, print

Details: Hong Kong is the first market where Manulife is rewarding customers with discounted premiums for living more actively in a campaign called ManulifeMOVE, with Cantopop "sensation" Pakho Chau as its ambassador.

The insurer is integrating its health-protection solutions with an activity-tracking programme that uses data from Manulife-provided fitness trackers. The concept is simple. Customers track their activity progress against set goals, and by reaching those goals, they will enjoy premium discounts. 

A multimedia campaign featuring Chau in parkour splendour kicked off yesterday to drive public awareness. 

Press release quote:

Jason Dehni, chief marketing officer, Manulife Asia:

The beauty of ManulifeMOVE is its simplicity. It’s an easy-to-use program that rewards customers for being healthy and insured. Every time our customers move; whether they’re walking, running, skipping, or even just taking the stairs instead of an escalator, they have the opportunity to save on their annual premiums.

Campaign Asia-Pacific's comments: 
The concept of ManulifeMOVE was drawn directly from the brand's research into how younger, tech-savvy consumers want insurance to work for them. The key visual featuring Chau is not that exciting, but we like the notion of safeguarding against health complications later in life—not with rainy-day money—but through hacking one's own fitness deterioration with proactivity now. We see this as product innovation that will be impacting the marketing and communications of insurance in the future. 

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