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May 5, 2016

'Make Trump look bad' must be a dream brief

From the US: Campaign ads for Hillary Clinton

'Make Trump look bad' must be a dream brief

Ad Nut usually stays out of politics, and promises not to change that stance, but can't help sharing these campaign ads for Hillary Clinton. Ad Nut doesn't know which agency Clinton's campaign organisation, Hillary for America, works with, but imagines that no team ever had such an easy time 'cracking' a brief. Make Donald Trump look ridiculous, bigoted and dangerous? Let's just use his own words, and those of his own political party, against him. Now, where should we go for lunch?

Will it work against a candidate who has proven remarkably immune to criticism thus far?

Trump's disturbingly xenophobic, racist vitriol was enough to defeat a lackluster field of rivals and (apparently) win him the Republican nomination. But Ad Nut must believe that the healthy majority of level-headed, intelligent Americans—the ones who are not slobbering bigots and/or willfully ignorant of the basic tenets of the US constitution, not to mention science, economic theory and international relations—will get their posteriors to the voting places and hand him a sound, nay embarrassing, defeat in November.

And if they don't, Ad Nut is busy preparing a special stockpile of nuts in a secret location deep underground.

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