Chris Reed
Aug 6, 2012

Kellogg's feeds loyalty program

Kellogg’s have joined the ranks of loyalty providers by launching their own loyalty rewards program in the US. Through their portal customers who buy selected ...

Kellogg's feeds loyalty program

Kellogg’s have joined the ranks of loyalty providers by launching their own loyalty rewards program in the US. Through their portal customers who buy selected Kellogg’s branded products can enter codes from each Kellogg's product that they purchase.

Free goodies, vouchers and prizes draws await those that collect the most points rewarding the most active buyers of Kellogg’s branded products. Brand partners have offered rewards that will include such things as movie tickets, trips, toys, books, music, ebooks, gift cards, sports equipment and, of course and of course there are coupons for other Kellogg’s products.

Kellogg’s clearly wish to use this new program to promote new products as well as reward existing purchases. It has provided a way

for shoppers to earn additional points or prizes through special bonus offers on specially marked products. This provides a way to encourage loyal members to try new products that may not have been on their radar before which is some enlightened holistic thinking if very obvious common sense.

Kellogg is also using cross -marketing ways for its customers to earn points that rewards customers for buying recipe ingredients made up of entirely Kellogg’s brands. For example, shoppers who buy the products necessary to make a number of recipes promoted on the rewards site such as Double-coated Chicken, which requires Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Kellogg’s Corn Crumbs, or Chocolate Scotheroos, that call for Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and Chocolate Krispies cereals earn 80 points for buying those products  (if you have never tried these they are sweet heaven see picture below!).

Kellogg’s are also promoting their family focused Scholastic Books program in association with WalMart to these most loyal of customers.  They also using the space to promote their on-pack promotions ranging from instant win games to more instant win games!

To activate the coupons you need to be logged in which enablesKellogg’s to have much more control over which retailers their loyal customers are directed to and which products they promote.

According the Kellogg’s only 7% of US homes do not have Kellogg’s items in them! But this exercise is more than just rewarding those 93% it’s about ensuring that customers choose Kellogg’s branded products over cheaper own brands.

The main points of weakness would be that the number of points you need to generate to afford any rewards or prizes seems to be excessive. Also the products that you can gain points on tend to be newer ones rather than perennial favourites.

For example I couldn’t find Corn Flakes even listed as a points partner despite being featured on the website promoting the scheme. Although Nutri Grain was listed it said none of it’s products was applicable for points. Only 16 cereal brands are listed as being a participating product and most of those are Special K…..

Maybe they are still ironing these parts of the scheme out but if you can’t earn points on your favourite and most popular products then the scheme is not going to be interacted with as much as Kellogg’s would like and loyal customers will feel cheated that they have joined the program, bought a product and yet gained no points for it….a positive could be turned into a negative.

Some of the partner brands include Delta Airlines, Ramdom House, Alex and Wilson.


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