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Nov 23, 2012

Indonesians hope to improve the lives of others: Generation Asia

JAKARTA - Indonesians hope to achieve great things that will improve the lives of others, Y&R’s proprietary research tool Generation Asia said.

Indonesia is one of the world’s most socially connected countries
Indonesia is one of the world’s most socially connected countries

A staggering 91 per cent of respondents to Generation Asia in Indonesia said they hope to one day achieve great things that will improve the lives of others. Some 85 per cent felt that religion plays a very important part in their lives and the same percentage are extremely optimistic about their personal future and believe that one day they will be rich.

Meanwhile, 90 per cent believe that while life has changed, family values remain the same.

“They are still determined to uphold the traditions of their family and community, and are respectful of the boundaries of correct and acceptable behaviour, especially in the eyes of others,” Andrew Dowling, CEO of Y&R Indonesia, said. “Confident in themselves and their future, Generation Asia do not limit their dreams to personal success, for many, true success is about changing the lives of others.”

The survey was unveiled yesterday at the official launch of digital agency VML Qais Indonesia, Y&R’s digital backbone across Asia. The agency saw its first business win in July, after it was named as digital agency-of-record for Danone’s Mizone isotonic drink brand. Combiphar is its second major win in September.

Generation Asia Indonesia noted that faith, family, confidence in their own success as well as a strong desire to improve the lives of others emerged are the top values among Indonesians aged between 18 and 35.

In partnership with Y&R, VML Qais conducted the Generation Asia survey, an in-depth attitudinal study into that demographic across the whole region. It covers 16 key topics, namely vehicles, beauty (men and women), communication, education, entertainment, fashion, food, money, health, kids, love, luxury, media, sports, technology and travel.

Indonesia is the fifth market to unveil its Generation Asia research findings, following an extensive online survey of over 1,400 respondents conducted across Indonesia in June.

“Indonesia has been on the cusp of greatness many times in the last century, but has never quite made the leap, but in the last decade things have changed dramatically,” Hari Ramanathan, Y&R’s regional strategy director, noted. “A new generation has taken hold and is busy defining the very mores and future of this nation. It’s a generation that’s only known hope and optimism. They have a firm belief in destiny and their ability and power to shape it,” he said.

Some 82 per cent of the respondents think that being ‘tech-savvy’ is a must that equates to social currency, and 68 per cent of them rely upon social media for most of their daily news.

Despite being one of the world’s most socially connected countries, 68 per cent feel ‘always-on’ can be intrusive, and the remaining 32 per cent feel disconnection equals non-existence.

Contrary to the previous generation, 78 per cent of Generation Asia women feel that the natural look is more beautiful than too much make-up, and 79 per cent of men think it is okay for them to use skin-care products.

“For a few years now there’s been talk of how Asia is starting to dominate world affairs, economically, socially and even culturally, and yet this powerful zeitgeist was not seen as the lens through which an entire generation is going to view their own lives,” Ramanathan added. “And most importantly they are going to take decisions that define the future landscape of global society, as well as the fate of brands.”

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