Babar Khan Javed
Oct 6, 2017

Google launches Insights Engine Project for publishers

The news comes in a series of announcements from Google leaning towards their shift in emphasis in empowering publishers.

Publishers are gradually edging their way towards being on an equal data playing field as advertisers.
Publishers are gradually edging their way towards being on an equal data playing field as advertisers.

Announced at the Publisher Leadership Summit in Chicago this week, the Insights Engine Project by Google is part of an ongoing product roadmap to empower publishers.

Publishers will now gain access to the depth of datasets previously restricted to advertisers and Google clients, through the use of six new products which offer data visualization and insights on  user demographics.

Google works with publishers and app developers of all sizes to promote their ad inventory, working with Google's broad range of partner solutions including AdSense, DoubleClick and the Ad Exchange, across mobile, display, and video formats.

Powered by data warehousing and machine learning, the Insights Engine Project gives publishers the insights that will eventually support campaigns coordinated through the DoubleClick Bid Manager, with a special focus on programmatic campaigns. Like the advertisers on the other side, publishers will now have access to audience segmentation based on demographics and interests.

By 2018, marketers will be able to access information on site stats, being able to compare performance based on the success metrics unique to a specific campaign's goals.

According to a post by Jonathan Bellack, Google director of product management for publisher platforms, marketers will be able to access data on ad viewability and site latency, which means publishers have less than a month to sign up for Accelerated Mobile Pages and improve their PageSpeed Insights score.

With this new data set, publishers will be able to know the 'reason to buy' behind an advertiser's interest in their digital property, which open doors for great content optimisation and specialisation. The democratisation of the data places both parties on an equal footing.

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