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Nov 30, 2022

Dragons and celebrities roar to life in latest World of Warcraft ad

Blizzard Entertainment collects Hollywood stars like Ad Nut collects acorns.

Dragons and celebrities roar to life in latest World of Warcraft ad

Ad Nut is more interested in acorns than celebrities, but must give credit where credit is due. Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft campaigns continue to feature some of the biggest names in Hollywood — Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Ozzy Osbourne, Audrey Plaza and Mr. Bean — names even a squirrel would recognize. 

In the game franchise’s latest ad, by 72andSunny, David Harbour, Lana Condor and Pedro Pascal promote its ninth expansion, Dragonflight.

Ad Nut has never seen a dragon on his forest adventures, and has also never seen Game of Thrones (there are no ad breaks on HBO Max). But he imagines they would look something like the CGI creatures these celebrities play with in Blizzard’s latest campaign.

Get Your Own Dragon leans into players’ ability to own dragons as in-game mounts. Pascal shows off his new ride in an air hangar, Harbour reenacts a slow-motion action scene where he jumps from an explosion and Condor plays fetch with her dragon – which Ad Nut thinks looks like a giant murderous beast.

Ad Nut spotted a QR code online for the campaign, which allows gamers to bring dragons from the game into the real world through AR. 

David Harbour admitted to having a World of Warcraft addiction back in 2005. Ad Nut doesn’t play addictive games, as there’d be no time to watch advertisements.

Ad Nut reviews one U.S. campaign and already encounters huge mythological creatures that would eat a talking squirrel in one bite. Ad Nut is unnerved by the fire and big teeth, but will persevere for the sake of advertising. More to come!


Brand: World of Warcraft
Agency: 72andsunny
Director: Nick Walker
Film Production Company: Object & Animal
Film VFX: Blacksmith
Film Edit: Rock Paper Scissors
Film Talent Outreach: Mayflower
Interactive AR Production: Buoy 


Campaign US

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