Faaez Samadi
May 12, 2017

DataXu launches custom OTT TV buying platform

New programmatic offering allows self-service TV buying that ties up with digital platforms.

James Sampson
James Sampson

DataXu has unveiled a self-service, programmatic-TV buying platform, which it says is the first to allow brands and agencies to connect their digital and TV strategies.

The platform, Connected TV, built using DataXu’s OneView technology and Oracle Marketing Cloud, allows users to reach custom audiences and engage them seamlessly across digital, mobile and also TV, according to the company.

Users can reach custom TV audiences in more than 13 million households with no out-of-target wastage, with access to premium TV content from several international networks including Fox, AMC and BBC America, the company said.

In addition, Connected TV promises the same access to real-time audience and outcome insights that are expected on digital platforms, including in-demo reach, interests, lifestyle, and shopping behaviours.

For brand marketers, this could mean counting and capping true reach and frequency across digital devices and delivering consistent product messages or offers to multi-channel consumers, said James Sampson, APAC vice president and general manager at DataXu.

“In the case of performance marketers, that could mean automatically engaging people in the right device and context based on that user’s conversion path, as well as retargeting someone who has been to their website with a TV ad and measuring the subsequent results,” he told Campaign Asia-Pacific.

DataXu already has several partnerships across APAC with OTT players, including Toggle, Vuclip, Twitch and Channel 7. With the rise of content consumption through connected TVs, gaming consoles and streaming boxes, Sampson said marketers need tools like OneView and Connected TV to “extend their reach, engagement and measurement into these non-personal devices”. 

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