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May 10, 2012

CASE STUDY: Castrol seduces two-wheel junkies with online campaign

When relaunching its motorcycle lubricant Castrol Power 1, Catrol worked with Mindshare to leverage Google and YouTube AdWords to engage motorheads.

Castrol wanted to re-engage motorheads with its digital campaign
Castrol wanted to re-engage motorheads with its digital campaign

Motorcycle lubricant is traditionally a low involvement product, so Castrol needed to find a way to reach out to motorcyclists. With the re-launch of Castrol Power 1, Castrol aimed to ensure motorcyclists to experience its new 'Superior accelleration' proposition before they purchased the product.

Castrol wanted to allow motorcyclists experience the product’s unique selling point via a platform  they were familiar with and frequented. It launched a digital campaign with the aim of driving 250,000 visits to the Castrol YouTube channel and provide users with an interactive experience of Castrol Power 1’s 'Superior acceleration'.

Castrol and Mindshare turned to a combination of YouTube Display Ads and the gaming content affinities targetable on Google AdWords to reach out to their desired audience—youths who are adept at multi-tasking and have strong ad avoidance. Utilising the reach and scale available on the Google display network, Castrol was able to target prospective audiences across five countries.

To drive engagement for the lubricant oil product, Castrol also partnered with YouTube to create a brand channel powered by a gadget motorcycle race game. The game had subtle cues at different stages, which established the lubricant's capability to increase motorcycle acceleration. Castrol adopted a differentiated approach on YouTube where they served specific video content to youths who searched for speed, automobile- and  motorbike-related content on YouTube.

The combination of targeting via specific online ad placements as well as display advertisements to targeted audiences on YouTube helped Castrol to deliver better consumer engagements and resulted in over one million visits within a period of 60 days.

Client: BP Singapore Pte Ltd
Media Agency: Mindshare APAC
Product: Castrol Power 1
Creative Director: Mayank Khattar
Account Director: Rajesh Ghatge

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