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Nov 21, 2016

Campaign 360: Ignite change, drive gender equality

Next year, Campaign Asia-Pacific is delighted to present a new series of 360 events that will take the internationally recognised Media360 Summit in exciting new directions.

Campaign 360: Ignite change, drive gender equality

Campaign360 - March 22, 2017 - Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Our flagship event is evolving in line with the industry’s needs through a regional hub event under the Campaign360 banner that will tackle the big issues impacting the global media and marketing landscape. Campaign Asia-Pacific will also extend Media360’s reach into local markets with a set of think-tank events taking place in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam (see below).

The evolution of the 360 portfolio is in response to industry feedback and follows extensive research with industry figures both within and outside Asia. Campaign360 is also breaking new ground for the industry by adopting an overarching strategic agenda: the 2017 Hong Kong summit will address the issue of gender equality. This one-day, high-level, invitation-only event will bring together global and regional heads of media, marketing and advertising who believe gender equality and diversity are issues that impact their business.

Working in close collaboration with a content advisory board, Campaign360 will establish actionable strategies that businesses can implement to build a stronger and more diverse industry workforce.

The event will also lead to the creation of a manifesto of intention, which will be implemented and tracked. In the evening, Campaign Asia-Pacific will host a celebration dinner to recognise leading female talent in the industry. The dinner will also be an opportunity for the industry to support the charity, Mother’s Choice. Find out more about Mother’s Choice at

Things you need to know

  1. Campaign360 is a high-level, one-day VIP event
  2. Speakers from global and regional markets
  3. Content theme and direction set by a content advisory board, headed by industry leaders
  4. Celebration dinner to recognise leading female talent in the industry
  5. A year-round programme dedicated to the advancement of women across the marketing industry
  6. Industry-wide charter to promote gender equality
  7. Content hub on focused on gender equality

Media360: Think-tanks set to explore local themes

For major media and client companies worldwide, the focus on ‘local’ is growing. This is particularly true in Asia, where fast-growing markets continue to exhibit double-digital growth and where local competitors are becoming increasingly successful and sophisticated in their media and marketing strategies. Campaign’s move to take Media360 ‘in-country’ will, for the first time, allow the global industry to take a deep dive into specific issues that are impacting these fast-growing and emerging markets—markets that are key to the future development of the industry. The less formal nature of these events will create the ideal think-tank environment to nurture rising talent.











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