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Aug 28, 2017

Brands mark Qixi Festival, the original Chinese Valentine's Day

Durex, Mobike, YSL, Vivo and NetEase are among the brands making reference to one of China's several love-related holidays.


Chinese consumers celebrate several rounds of Valentine's Day in a year. In addition to the ubiquitous 14 February, there's also Yuan Xiao Jie, which falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month, and 20 May, or 520, which sounds like 'I love you' in Mandarin.

But Qixi, which this year falls on today (the seventh day of the seventh lunar month), is the mother of all Chinese Valentine's Days, with a long history dating back to the ill-fated love affair between a cowherd and a goddess weaver girl during the Han Dynasty. Here's a look at what brands have set out to get Chinese consumers feeling all lovey-dovey.

Durex +

Sustenance comes before love. Durex and food delivery service's joint campaign says couples are less likely to feel amourous when hunger pangs hit. By scanning a QR code, users can find out the distance that separates them from their loved ones and what they can do to "shorten" the distance.


Bicycle rental company Mobike has rolled out Disney-themed Mickey and Minnie bikes for lovebirds to go on a cycling date in style


Perfumes and makeup have always been go-to gifts on Valentine's Day. YSL's limited-edition perfume packaging is a safe bet to win a girl's heart.


Singles are not being neglected. Vivo's Valentine's Day campaign shows the fun unattached people can have, such as eating watermelon in whichever way they fancy.


The Internet entertainment company released a compilation album of Valentine's Day ads that is called "You don't have to buy a gift for me". 

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