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Nov 11, 2021

Agency of the Year 2021 shortlist: Southeast Asia

See the shortlist for the Southeast Asia region in the 2021 Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year awards.

Agency of the Year 2021 shortlist: Southeast Asia

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Agency categories

Category Agency Market Entry ID
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Creative Agency of the Year To be announced
Indonesia Creative Agency of the Year BBDO Indonesia Indonesia SE02.373490
Leo Burnett Indonesia SE02.372999
M&C Saatchi Indonesia Indonesia SE02.374034
Ogilvy Indonesia Indonesia SE02.373595
TBWA Indonesia Indonesia SE02.373230
Malaysia Creative Agency of the Year ensemble worldwide and UM Studios Malaysia SE03.373207
FCB Malaysia Malaysia SE03.372871
Kingdom Digital Solutions Malaysia SE03.372264
Leo Burnett Group Malaysia Malaysia SE03.373547
Reprise Malaysia SE03.373202
Philippines Creative Agency of the Year BBDO Guerrero Philippines SE04.373572
Dentsu Jayme Syfu Philippines SE04.374540
Leo Burnett Manila Philippines SE04.373061
Ogilvy Philippines SE04.373309
TBWA\SMP Philippines SE04.373976
Singapore Creative Agency of the Year DDB Group Singapore Singapore SE05.373818
McCann Worldgroup Singapore SE05.372255
TBWA\Group Singapore Singapore SE05.372849
The Secret Little Agency Singapore SE05.373703
VaynerMedia Singapore SE05.374356
Thailand Creative Agency of the Year CJWORX and Spore Bangkok Thailand SE06.374097
Grey Group Thailand Thailand SE06.373288
Ogilvy Thailand Thailand SE06.373432
TBWA Thailand Thailand SE06.373655
WOLF Bkk Thailand SE06.374841
Vietnam Creative Agency of the Year dentsu mcgarrybowen Vietnam Vietnam SE07.374004
Happiness Saigon Vietnam SE07.374104
Leo Burnett Vietnam SE07.374459
Ogilvy Vietnam Vietnam SE07.373800
VMLY&R Vietnam SE07.373756
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Digital Agency of the Year ADA Cambodia SE08.372195
Blink Myanmar SE08.371835
Indonesia Digital Agency of the Year dentsu X Indonesia SE09.373714
M&C Saatchi Indonesia Indonesia SE09.374165
Mediacom Indonesia SE09.374740
Redcomm Indonesia Indonesia SE09.372146
TBWA Indonesia Indonesia SE09.373232
Malaysia Digital Agency of the Year Digitas Malaysia Malaysia SE10.374046
Kingdom Digital Solutions Malaysia SE10.371883
PHD Media Malaysia SE10.374582
Reprise Malaysia SE10.373203
UM Malaysia SE10.373206
Philippines Digital Agency of the Year Dentsu Jayme Syfu Philippines SE11.374616
Digitas Philippines SE11.373841
Ogilvy Philippines SE11.373308
Propel Manila Philippines SE11.373381
TBWA\SMP Philippines SE11.373977
Singapore Digital Agency of the Year DDB Group Singapore Singapore SE12.373878
MRM Singapore SE12.372256
Ogilvy Singapore Singapore SE12.372581
TBWA\Group Singapore Singapore SE12.372851
VMLY&R Singapore SE12.373658
Thailand Digital Agency of the Year CJWORX and Spore Bangkok Thailand SE13.374125
Digital Arts Network/TBWA Thailand Thailand SE13.372797
dotMATTERS Thailand SE13.373941
Mindshare Thailand SE13.372398
Ogilvy Thailand Thailand SE13.373542
Vietnam Digital Agency of the Year dentsu mcgarrybowen Vietnam Vietnam SE14.374014
Mango Digital Vietnam SE14.371331
Mindshare Vietnam SE14.374491
Moblaze Vietnam SE14.374195
RED2 Digital Vietnam SE14.372636
T&A Ogilvy Vietnam SE14.372061
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Independent Agency of the Year ADA Cambodia SE15.372196
Blink Myanmar SE15.371837
Indonesia Independent Agency of the Year &friends Indonesia SE16.372694
ADA Indonesia SE16.372187
M&C Saatchi Indonesia Indonesia SE16.374171
OLRANGE Indonesia SE16.372375
Redcomm Indonesia Indonesia SE16.372147
Malaysia Independent Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE17.372184
Ampersand Advisory Malaysia SE17.374429
Kingdom Digital Solutions Malaysia SE17.372262
Philippines Independent Agency of the Year NuWorks Interactive Labs, Inc. Philippines SE18.374337
Propel Manila Philippines SE18.373372
Seven A.D., Inc Philippines SE18.373781
SVEN Philippines SE18.374234
The Huddle Room Philippines SE18.372353
Singapore Independent Agency of the Year Distillery Singapore Singapore SE19.371889
GOODSTUPH Singapore SE19.373649
Tate Anzur Singapore SE19.372714
The Secret Little Agency Singapore SE19.373708
VaynerMedia Singapore SE19.374297
VCCP Singapore Singapore SE19.372987
Thailand Independent Agency of the Year CJWORX and Spore Bangkok Thailand SE20.374105
dotMATTERS Thailand SE20.373950
GOODSTUPH Thailand SE20.373652
Primal Thailand SE20.373650
SOUR Bangkok Thailand SE20.374316
Vietnam Independent Agency of the Year ADA Vietnam SE21.372193
Happiness Saigon Vietnam SE21.374446
Ki Saigon Vietnam SE21.373034
Moblaze Vietnam SE21.373838
PMAX Vietnam SE21.373664
RED2 Digital Vietnam SE21.372638
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Media Agency of the Year ADA Cambodia SE22.372197
Marketing Solutions Asia Ltd Cambodia SE22.374489
Indonesia Media Agency of the Year dentsu X Indonesia SE23.371604
Dwi Sapta Media Indonesia SE23.374067
Mediacom Indonesia SE23.371847
Mindshare Indonesia SE23.374309
Wavemaker Indonesia SE23.374517
Malaysia Media Agency of the Year Initiative Malaysia SE24.372444
m/SIX Malaysia Malaysia SE24.373552
OMD (M) Sdn Bhd Malaysia SE24.374626
PHD Media Malaysia SE24.374592
UM Malaysia SE24.373205
Philippines Media Agency of the Year MediaCom Philippines SE25.372937
Mindshare Philippines Philippines SE25.372859
Spark Foundry Philippines SE25.373602
Touch XDA, Inc. Philippines SE25.373287
UM Philippines Philippines SE25.373368
Wavemaker Philippines SE25.373931
Singapore Media Agency of the Year Havas Media Singapore Singapore SE26.371923
Initiative Singapore SE26.372765
M&C Saatchi Performance Singapore SE26.374681
MediaCom Singapore SE26.372958
UM Singapore SE26.373355
Thailand Media Agency of the Year Carat Thailand Thailand SE27.373711
dentsu X (Thailand) Ltd. Thailand SE27.374436
dotMATTERS Thailand SE27.373947
Initiative Thailand Thailand SE27.372394
Mindshare Thailand SE27.372399
UM Thailand Thailand SE27.373408
Vietnam Media Agency of the Year Mediacom Vietnam SE28.372992
Mindshare Vietnam SE28.374301
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar PR Agency of the Year No shortlist
Indonesia PR Agency of the Year Edelman Indonesia Indonesia SE30.374345
Hill+Knowlton Strategies Indonesia Indonesia SE30.371773
Ogilvy Indonesia Indonesia SE30.373622
Malaysia PR Agency of the Year To be announced
Philippines PR Agency of the Year Fleishman-Hillard Pte. Ltd. Philippines SE32.373185
Ogilvy PR Phillippines Philippines SE32.373310
PRIXM Philippines SE32.373504
Ripple8, Inc. Philippines SE32.373942
The EON Group Philippines SE32.371343
Singapore PR Agency of the Year DeVries Global Singapore Singapore SE33.374191
Edelman Singapore Singapore SE33.373566
Mutant Singapore SE33.374252
Ogilvy Singapore Singapore SE33.373891
Tate Anzur Singapore SE33.372548
Thailand PR Agency of the Year ABM Connect co.,ltd. Thailand SE34.372378
Ogilvy Thailand Thailand SE34.373543
Vietnam PR Agency of the Year Edelman Vietnam Vietnam SE35.373035
T&A Ogilvy Vietnam SE35.372062
Southeast Asia Agency Marketer Partnership of the Year GREYnJ UNITED / FWD Thailand Thailand SE36.373290
Ogilvy Indonesia / Nestlé Indonesia Indonesia SE36.373606
Publicis Groupe South East Asia - Leo Burnett, SPARK Foundry, DIGITAS, ARCADE,MSL / Mondelez South East Asia Indonesia SE36.373003
TBWA\Group Singapore / Singapore Tourism Board Singapore SE36.372855
TBWA\SMP / T3 Philippines SE36.373992
Southeast Asia B2B Marketing Agency of the Year CJWORX and Spore Bangkok Thailand SE37.374113
Edelman Digital Singapore SE37.373567
Merkle B2B Singapore SE37.374032
MRM Singapore SE37.372257
The Huddle Room Philippines SE37.372358
Southeast Asia B2C Marketing Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE38.372200
DDB Group Singapore Singapore SE38.373879
Grey Alchemy Thailand SE38.373890
Southeast Asia Best Culture Birthmark Thailand SE39.371815
DDB Group Philippines Philippines SE39.372866
M&C Saatchi Indonesia Indonesia SE39.374239
Ogilvy Vietnam Vietnam SE39.373798
Propel Manila Philippines SE39.373388
Southeast Asia Best Place to Work IDEASXMACHINA  Philippines SE40.373520
R/GA Media Group Singapore SE40.374568
Rice Communications Pte. Ltd. Singapore SE40.372703
TBWA\Group Singapore Singapore SE40.372938
TBWA\SMP Philippines SE40.373986
Zeno Group Singapore Singapore SE40.372667
Southeast Asia Boutique Agency of the Year Hyper Buzzle Philippines SE41.372365
Ki Saigon Vietnam SE41.373033
Knock Consulting Agency Thailand Thailand SE41.372529
SOUR Bangkok Thailand SE41.374327
Southeast Asia Brand Experience Agency of the Year BORN Group Singapore SE42.371778
Huge Singapore SE42.374274
R/GA Media Group Singapore SE42.374399
Rebel & Soul Singapore SE42.371874
The Huddle Room Philippines SE42.372359
Southeast Asia Consultancy of the Year ADA Malaysia SE43.372395
Huge Singapore SE43.374212
R/GA Media Group Singapore SE43.374588
Synthesis Singapore SE43.374367
UM  Singapore SE43.373459
Southeast Asia Content Marketing Agency of the Year DDB Group Singapore Singapore SE44.373882
Green Park Content Singapore SE44.373686
Grey Alchemy Thailand SE44.373915
INCA Indonesia SE44.372492
UM STUDIOS Singapore SE44.373461
Southeast Asia Customer Engagement Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE45.372388
DDB Group Singapore Singapore SE45.373883
Merkle Singapore SE45.374330
Winter Egency Thailand SE45.374074
Southeast Asia E-commerce Agency of the Year BORN Group Singapore SE46.371779
dentsu X Indonesia SE46.373715
Mindshare Singapore SE46.372246
PMAX Vietnam SE46.374583
Wavemaker Singapore SE46.373320
Southeast Asia Event Marketing Agency of the Year GoldenPen Vietnam SE47.371810
Rebel & Soul Singapore SE47.371878
Southeast Asia Integrated Marketing Agency of the Year DDB Group Singapore Singapore SE48.373880
McCann Worldgroup Singapore SE48.372254
Ogilvy Indonesia Indonesia SE48.373598
Propel Manila Philippines SE48.373900
TBWA\Group Singapore Singapore SE48.372852
TBWA\SMP Philippines SE48.373401
Southeast Asia Market Research Agency of the Year 2CV Pte. Ltd. Singapore SE49.372569
Brand-Y Philippines SE49.373524
Hyper Buzzle Philippines SE49.372366
Milieu Insight Singapore SE49.373908
Southeast Asia Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE50.372387
Appsynth Thailand SE50.373691
Moblaze Vietnam SE50.374187
Southeast Asia Performance Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE51.372204
dotMATTERS Thailand SE51.373946
iProspect Indonesia SE51.373958
M&C Saatchi Performance Singapore SE51.374066
Mindshare Singapore SE51.372248
Reprise Digital Singapore SE51.372406
Southeast Asia Production Company of the Year Media.Monks Singapore SE52.373778
Prodigious Singapore Singapore SE52.373929
Tag Singapore SE52.371860
Southeast Asia Programmatic Agency of the Year iProspect Indonesia SE53.373961
Matterkind Singapore Singapore SE53.373027
Media.Monks Singapore SE53.373777
Southeast Asia Social Media Agency of the Year Edelman Digital Singapore SE54.373569
GOODSTUPH Singapore SE54.373663
M&C Saatchi Indonesia Indonesia SE54.374528
Ogilvy  Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand SE54.373894
VaynerMedia Singapore SE54.374386
Southeast Asia Specialist Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE55.372205
GOODSTUPH Singapore SE55.373660
Green Park Content Singapore SE55.373824
iProspect Indonesia SE55.372016
Prodigious Singapore Singapore SE55.374397
Southeast Asia Talent Development Program of the Year IDEASXMACHINA Philippines SE56.373527
Propel Manila Philippines SE56.373386
TBWA\Group Singapore Singapore SE56.372854

People categories

Category Agency Nominee / Team Market Entry ID
Southeast Asia Account Person of the Year Ogilvy Indonesia Fernando Sarael Indonesia SE57.372515
IDEASXMACHINA  Katrina "Storm" Surla Philippines SE57.373528
Mediacom Mudit Govil Indonesia SE57.374432
DeVries Global Singapore Ng LITING Singapore SE57.374599
Spark Foundry Rozzaine Christensen Valenzuela Philippines SE57.373633
Southeast Asia Agency Head of the Year Mediabrands Bala Pomaleh Malaysia SE58.373313
Wunderman Thompson Philippines Golda Aguilar Roldan Philippines SE58.373275
Grey Group Thailand Kanaporn Hutcheson Thailand SE58.373289
Green Park Content Marcelo Bittencourt Singapore SE58.373828
BORN Group Prakash Gurumoorthy Malaysia SE58.371777
Ogilvy Indonesia Ramanathan Balasubramanian Indonesia SE58.373601
IDEASXMACHINA Third Domingo Philippines SE58.373534
Southeast Asia Channel / Engagement Planner of the Year Publicis Media Jennifer Garcia Philippines SE59.373688
Ogilvy, Indonesia Karthik Narayan Indonesia SE59.373629
The Huddle Room Kim A. San Luis Philippines SE59.372355
dentsu Roki Ferrer Philippines SE59.372583
MediaCom Saravanan Asogan Malaysia SE59.373588
Southeast Asia Creative Person of the Year GREYnJ UNITED Asawin Panichwatana Thailand SE61.373291
BBDO Guerrero David Guerrero Philippines SE61.372895
IDEASXMACHINA  Jasper Ilagan Philippines SE61.373530
TBWA\SMP Melvin M. Mangada Philippines SE61.373406
VaynerMedia VJ Anand Singapore SE61.374414
Southeast Asia New Business Development Person / Team of the Year Hire Digital Alexis (Yiwen) Chan Singapore SE62.374102
M&C Saatchi Indonesia Champions of Change  Indonesia SE62.374213
FCB Malaysia FCB Malaysia Leadership Team Malaysia SE62.372873
iProspect iProspect Indonesia Indonesia SE62.373962
m/SIX Malaysia m/SIX New Business Team Malaysia SE62.374063
Southeast Asia Producer of the Year To be announced
Southeast Asia Strategic / Brand Planner of the Year Ogilvy Indonesia Bening Rara Pratita Indonesia SE64.372454
Leo Burnett Jenkanit Rujiramora Thailand SE64.373279
Ogilvy Indonesia Neha Bansal Indonesia SE64.372456
Southeast Asia Young Achiever of the Year Propel Manila Hayami Kudo Philippines SE65.373407
Ogilvy Malaysia Jaz Lee Malaysia SE65.372771
IDEASXMACHINA Nathan "Knight" de Guzman Philippines SE65.373532
Knock Consulting Agency Thailand Thanachai Jirathawatchai Thailand SE65.372261
Brilliant&Million Vibhu Harnvarakiat Thailand SE65.373280
Southeast Asia Young Business Leader of the Year Ogilvy Indonesia Ajay Tawde Indonesia SE66.372463
Hire Digital Alexis (Yiwen) Chan Singapore SE66.373470
IDEASXMACHINA  Jade "Jedd" Ilagan Philippines SE66.373533
Brilliant&Million Kanokporn Kulsri Thailand SE66.373380
Distillery Singapore Simon Hearn Singapore SE66.371888

Brand categories

Category Brand
Southeast Asia Brand of the Year No shortlist
Southeast Asia Marketer of the Year No shortlist

Note: In categories with three or fewer entries, the judging scores will decide whether an entry is awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze. In cases where there are fewer entries in the category, judges will unanimously decide whether there should be a shortlist and/or whether any trophies should be awarded at the second round of judging.

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