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Nov 8, 2018

Pedigree declares festive 'Season of Good Dog' is here

Because Christmas is not just for humans.

Ad Nut had an emotional wobble in the middle of this video by Pedigree and Colenso BBDO. Was the scruffy mongrel-like dog, so beloved of his family, about to be replaced by the cuter, less shabby, higher-pedigree golden retriever puppy at Christmas? 

Thankfully, before Ad Nut lost it completely, the ad turned it around with a plot-twist and an episode of individual moral canine enlightenment so unexpected Ad Nut could never have seen it coming. Yes, the adorable Andrex puppy is joining the family at Christmas but, realises old dog, the true meaning of Christmas is not only about just one good dog, and the baubles hung on the tree aren't there to represent his love of sticks and fetching things. The holiday season is in fact about "good dogs" plural, or "Good....DaaahhhgS", as the voiceover will have it. (Listen to this a few times and you may start to feel like avoiding Christmas altogether.)

In other words, old dog will be forced to get along with new puppy if he wants to keep receiving his Pedigree Dentastix at Christmas. 

As much as Ad Nut has an innate dislike of murderous beasts, Ad Nut approves of Christmas adverts, no matter how cheesy, that put animals at their heart. And also likes the spin-off plans devised for this campaign by Colenso BBDO New Zealand and Colenso BBDO New York.

There's an album of eight 'holiday carols for dogs' running on Spotify, including tracks like 'Bark! The Cat is in my Yard', 'Oh Come All Ye Good Dogs' and, Ad Nut's favourite, 'Tennis Balls'. (Lyrics begin: "tennis tennis tennis tennis tennis balls are great"). There's also a limited run of Season of Good Dog products including stockings shaped like paws, wrapping paper that smells like slippers, tennis ball baubles and a 'mistle-stix' product for dogs to sit under and receive treats. Ad Nut reckons this should become a permanent line. 

Season of Good Dog will be launched in New York, shared globally and will re-activate every year. Woof! 


Client: MARS Petcare US
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Production company: FINCH
Post Production: Blackbird
Editorial House: The Editors
Music & Sound: Liquid Studios

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