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Feb 10, 2022

Online brokerage Stake lays down a manifesto

An old-school animation style and a fast-rapping spokesman combine to prove Stake is not your father's brokerage, in a very cool spot by Bear Meets Eagle On Fire.

Ad Nut got fired up about financial services after watching the above TVC for Australian online broker Stake.

'The Takeover' is the first bit of 'Stake your claim to the future', a campaign from the excellently named Sydney agency Bear Meets Eagle On Fire. The agency called on Augenblick Studios in New York City, the creators of Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans and Adult Swim’s The Jellies, for the 1930s-style animation in the TVC, which debuted during the broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Invoking Depression-era fat cats and having a street-poet robot deliver a stirring manifesto for young people? That's bold! And both the copywriting and the delivery, by Baltimore-based spoken-word artist Black Chakra, are top notch. Ad Nut particularly likes how the robot describes the democratisation of stock-trading, which Stake purportedly enables, as a takeover that's "mobile, not hostile", "generational, sensational, and long overdue", adding that "old things, wrinkly things, like precedent, convention and velvet ropes don't matter anymore". Good stuff.  

Ad Nut would like to add for the record that you shouldn't go too crazy with all that easy access to trading; the best investment strategy remains a diversified, long-term approach with the mix of securities tuned to your retirement horizon. Otherwise you're risking losses, and your frequent trades are merely enriching the modern-day fat cats that have bankrolled Stake with $40 million in funding in the last year.

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Client: Stake
Chief Marketing Officer: Bryan Wilmot
Head of Marketing Operations: Simon Starr
Marketing Manager: James Healey
Principle Brand Designer: Thanh Lu

Creative Studio: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
Animation Studio: Augenblick Studios Inc
Post Production: Blockhead VFX Studios
Sound & Music: Rumble Studios

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