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Jan 23, 2020

Energy drink spotlights Vietnam's everyday heroes

The TVC for M-150's Vietnam debut, by DDB and Tribal Worldwide, carries more meaning than you might realise.

The above ad for M-150 energy drink might seem odd and inexplicable to you—it did to Ad Nut upon first viewing. Sometimes, that's the sign of an effort that went off the rails or had no plan to begin with. But other times, it's the sign of something that's carefully crafted for the market in question, but perhaps difficult for outsiders to parse.

Happily, this is an example of the latter case.

"With up to four generations living under one roof, Vietnam is home to a unique cultural phenomenon," the agency writes. "In every family, one person works away from home to support the whole family and takes pride in carrying all the responsibilities. This moral duty is often passed down from generation to generation." 

For the Vietnam launch of the brand, the agency chose to focus specifically on factory workers. The agency argues that championing proud working people in this way will distinguish it in the marketplace.

For another layer of meaning, the handsome flying gentleman who carries his family members—and at one point performs a trademark hero landing—is football star Que Ngoc Hai, who had a humble upbringing and exemplifies the family hero type, the agency says.

In addition, the ad features a jingle created by mixing a superhero vibe with local melodies.

Nice work.

By the way, Ad Nut can also perform picturesque hero landings. It's just that there's no need, as squirrels don't fall.  


Managing Director: Olaf Mueller
Executive Creative Director: Nick Gordon
Creative Director: Lance Yumul
Senior Copywriters: Sid Nair, Nick Gordon
Copywriter: Trung Bui
Art Director: Khoa Dang
Strategic Planner: Le Phan
Senior Account Executive: Nguyen Truong
Account Executives: Nga Nguyen, Long Pham
Brand: M-150 Energy Drink
Country General Manager: Apiwan Chatrapongporn
Marketing Executive: Kantaratch Diskul
Business Development: Kritapat Chantarasophon

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