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May 30, 2014

Bizarre Video Channel of the Week: Anti-Dog & Soy Sauce

In this weekly feature, TMG China points out and attempts to explain a surprisingly successful video channel. This week: Anit-Dog & Soy Sauce's love-hate relationship with Japanese animation.

Channel: Anti-Dog & Soy Sauce (反犬小飞酱 )
Total Views:
32 million
Channel subscribers: 8,700
Active since: Nov 2011
Number of videos: 1,533
Channel home page

Anti-Dog & Soy Sauce (反犬小飞酱) represents the Second Dimension (Er-Ci-Yuan, "二次元") culture in China, an imaginary world based on the animated characters from animation or games. The channel takes materials, mostly from Japanese animation or TV, and re-edits them to make parodies.

The channel is run by two people, Anti-Dog (反犬) and Little Soy Sauce (小飞酱) who always appear as cartoon images. While many Chinese animation channels produce local animation that appears not to have any Japanese influence but in reality directly rips off Japanese content, Anti-Dog & Soy Sauce never hide their addiction to Japanese cartoons—even as they parody them.

In this way, the channel reflects the delicate relationship between Chinese people and Japanese culture (as well as American culture). The Chinese audience would like to mix politics with every other irrelevant area, but at the same time they have to survive on a diet of imported foreign culture because the local cultural 'food' offers poor taste and lacks nutrition.

Bizarre Video Channel of the Week is produced in partnership with TMG China, a Thoughtful Media Group company, which operates China’s first MCN, TMG Originals. Our aim is to provide intelligence about what consumers are watching—as well as a bit of Friday fun.


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