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Mar 27, 2015

Ad Nut: OK Go advertises Chinese furniture, and more of the week's ads

Ad Nut brings you good and bad ads from all over. This week, work for Red Star Macalline, Hahn SuperDry, KFC, Toyota and many more.

Ad Nut gathers ads from anywhere in the world—work the editors here aren't planning to cover themselves. Once a week, Ad Nut presents the latest collection here for your viewing pleasure. Because Ad Nut loves you.

ABOVE: OK Go is a band that's more famous for its uber-elaborate music videos, which are spectacular, than for its actual music, which is just, well, OK. The band made the spot above for Chinese furniture retailer Red Star Macalline. It may not be as jaw-dropping as the band's other efforts, but it definitely stands out among furniture ads.


Below, Hahn SuperDry (with Ogilvy Australia) advises you to tell off your boss and quit your job Jerry Maguire style. Then, break up with your old lover and go galavanting around the world collecting experiences, such as being chased by a mountain lion and jumping off a cliff. Don't worry about money! You'll think of a killer new business idea right after you get back from your motorcycling adventure, hone your surfboard-making skills and meet an exciting new lover who enjoys watching you knock down brick walls with a sledgehammer.


US paint brand Benjamin Moore is spending $50 million to help the smaller retailers it sells through to compete with the Big Box stores by emphasising the attention and service such small retailers provide. Therefore, creepy puppets acting as Big Box employees. This is by the Martin Agency. Details and more videos on Campaign US


Ah, adventuring in the Outback. Exploring the expanses of wilderness in your rugged all-terrain vehicle. Stopping off at KFC for some spicy fried chicken. This one's by Ogilvy Sydney.


Here's some very trippy visuals for Desperados, a brand of beer aged in tequila barrels. See Campaign US for more of these spots by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, and be sure to click through at the end of the video to the fascinating Tumblr dedicated to offering aninmated GIFs.


It's no secret that Toyota wants to appeal to a younger demographic. Ad Nut is just not sure that a global talent search to find street musicians to form a band that will tour New Zealand is really the way to go. Our sister publication Marketing UK has the details.


The trope of the individual breaking free from sameness and tyranny by buying [product name goes here], will probably always be with us. From Apple's famous Super Bowl ad to the Dulux paint spot that Ad Nut showed you a couple of weeks ago, clients and agencies seem to return to the classic dystopian plot again and again. This week's example is 'Breakfast defectors', from Taco Bell, which is trying to build a breakfast business in North America. As Campaign US points out, the film by Deustche LA is filled with lots of fun references to the brand's more established competitors (Ad Nut particularly likes the ball pit). Left unexplained—what on earth is that hexagon-shaped breakfast item the happy defectors are enjoying at the end?


Grey New York and an organisation called States United to Prevent Gun Violence opened a popup store in New York City, ostensibly selling guns. The salesman's pitches leave something to be desired if you're a gun manufacturer, but Ad Nut certainly hopes the message starts to get through to the people of that country.


Finally, behold, the awesome power of Boy George, which can even provoke teenagers to interact with their parental units. This one's for Allianz by 18 Feet & Rising. Campaign UK has the details.


That's all for now. Ad Nut will be back next week with more chestnuts. Please check out The Work section for Asia-specific ads, and follow Campaign Asia-Pacific on Facebook and Twitter (@CampaignAsia) to see more good stuff throughout the week.


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