Oct 24, 2021

Get vaxxed or get out: Employee demand is spurring agency vaccine mandates

In the US, it’s not government policy as much as employee activism that is driving agency vaccine mandates.

Sep 8, 2021

How communicators can reach the vaccine-hesitant

Those who are skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccine or refuse to get one altogether are politically disengaged, and therefore best reached through unconventional channels.

Sep 1, 2021

Why Pfizer/BioNTech should throw away the marketing playbook for Comirnaty

Vaccine makers should align around convincing the world to get more and more people vaccinated, even if it’s not their own vaccine, says one prominent ad exec.

Aug 5, 2021

Gen Z isn’t influenced by brand vaccine campaigns

A study by Unidays shows that brand campaigns and incentives are not the reason the digital generation is getting vaccinated.

Jun 6, 2021

Google India urges people to #GetTheFacts by asking questions about the vaccine

The company employs its familiar autofill-style ad to urge people to seek out evidence in a campaign by Toaster India.

May 28, 2021

'Russian' PR firm offered influencers money to discredit Pfizer vaccine

A PR agency with reported links to Russia offered European influencers money to discredit the Pfizer vaccine to their followers on social media channels.