Oct 4, 2022

PRCA launches Australia network

The move follows PRCA's expansion beyond Southeast Asia in the past year.

Jul 17, 2022

PR fights back against greenwashing

Almost every respondent (96%) in a new PRCA study in the UK said they advised their clients and colleagues on the climate crisis, a figure that has jumped 14% in the past year.

Jan 19, 2022

‘We can’t just copy-paste elements from the West’: Chair of PRCA’s DEI committee

Chair of the newly launched DEI committee Charu Srivastava discusses localising the DEI agenda, the importance of holistic change beyond policy, and why inclusive agencies can be a magnet for talent.

Sep 12, 2019

The communication problem in the communications industry

In-house comms heads open up about how PR agencies should communicate more effectively with them.

Sep 5, 2017

Bell Pottinger thrown out of PRCA after 'bringing industry into disrepute'

Bell Pottinger has become only the second agency in the past ten years to be excluded from the PRCA, following a ruling on a complaint about its infamous work in South Africa.