1 day ago

Oatly launches plant-based puppet mini-series

The UK campaign has been designed not to feel like an ad.

Nov 2, 2021

Oatly shows the true meaning of 'meta'

AD NUT's PICK OF THE WEEK: It's Oatly ads all the way down, as the brand creates the advertising equivalent of a matryoshka doll: An Instagram post that contains (count 'em) eight additional Oatly ads.

Apr 27, 2021

Oatly IPO reveals ‘crucial’ role of in-house creative team and risk of losing talent

“Creativity is at the centre of the Oatly brand,” the prospectus said, as it stressed importance of 51-strong in-house team.

Mar 24, 2021

Oats, floats and jokes: what can start-ups learn from Oatly?

Oatly is using brand personality to cut through a half-century of sameness.

Dec 23, 2019

Best brand designs of the past decade, according to experts

Branding experts and packaging designers give their view on which brand designs stood out in Asia-Pacific over the past decade.

May 8, 2019

Plant-based milks aren't a thing in Hong Kong, so Oatly made up a Chinese character for them

The invented pictogram is not a brand name; the Swedish company intends it as a conceptual signifier for plant-based milks. And it already shows signs of catching on.