May 3, 2017

9Gag buries monument to memes in the desert to puzzle future generations

For its ninth anniversary, humour site and meme generator 9Gag, decided to make the ephemeral internet joke permanent - really permanent.

May 17, 2012

OPINION: The curious case of Kru Angkana

RamKrishna Raja, digital managing director at IPG Mediabrands, looks at how a child's innocent YouTube rant went viral and woke up marketers to the potential of viral and earned media in Thailand.

Feb 16, 2012

OPINION: Searching the mind of the world

Hari Shankar, Asia-Pacific director at Performics, gazes in awe at the 'auto-complete' terms appearing in his search-engine bar, and the profound implications this form of real-time meme propagation may have for marketers.

Oct 14, 2009

Yahoo opens up Meme to benefit from microblogging surge

GLOBAL - Yahoo has launched a fresh attempt to tap into the success of Twitter by opening up its microblogging platform to third-party developers.