May 4, 2020

Publicis goes fishing

Publicis Groupe got a lot of notice last week for guaranteeing clients their money back if its agencies fail to meet certain KPIs. The Ad Contrarian asserts that one thing is certain: "Publicis will be torturing the shit out of the KPIs".

Dec 6, 2018

KPI moneyball: How measuring smarter will give you the edge

Become a KPI wizard to up your game.

Apr 8, 2013

DATA POINTS: High time for marketers and CEOs to reconcile

The topic of metrics is one that will only continue to grow, and along with it often comes the assertion that marketers are out of touch with business requirements and goals. A recent study by Fournaise, a marketing performance measurement company, finds that although most CEOs believe marketers have lost sight of their core purpose, many chief executives also blame themselves for not being involved enough with the marketing department to demand more than 'feel good' advertising.