Jun 2, 2020

Flexibility, short-term strategies key to plotting recovery from pandemic

CAMPAIGN CONNECT: Digital, performance marketing and ecommerce expected to see sharp uptake as companies focus on dealing with brands and consumers in flux

Aug 9, 2017

CNN’s great big co-creation story

CNN International Commercial’s president explains the operation’s digital revamp and its success with branded content, especially among adventurous Asian brands.

May 19, 2016

Japan a key market for CNN’s digital expansion goals

TOKYO - In Tokyo for the first time in two years, CNN Digital’s general manager Andrew Morse said Japan represented an important growth opportunity as the broadcaster looks to modernise and diversify its services.

Mar 19, 2015

Publishers form programmatic alliance

GLOBAL - The Guardian has joined forces with CNN International, the Financial Times, Thomson Reuters and the Economist to launch a private marketplace for programmatic advertising called Pangaea Alliance.