Megan Gell
May 3, 2019

World PCO Alliance partners with Enritsch

Photo and video management platform for planners to benefit thousands of events.

World PCO Alliance partners with Enritsch

World PCO Alliance members are set to benefit from a partnership with UAE-based Enritsch, the developers of mohmentz, a photo and video sharing platform built for planners that enables attendees to share their experiences.

The 21 Alliance members, with 56 combined office locations, deliver thousands of meetings and events annually around the world.

“We have entered into this partnership as part of our commitment to support our members in building their MICE businesses,” said Gregg Talley, president of the Alliance and CEO of US-based Talley Management Group Inc. “New technologies such as mohmentz are valuable in strengthening the business proposition for our members, located in the Middle East & Africa, Americas & Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

“As professionals, we are always seeking out creative and innovative ways to increase event income, attract more sponsorship investment, deliver more immersive and engaging experiences for our attendees, and measure return on spend – which combined help us to build equity in, and to safeguard and grow our events in the future. And mohmentz will help our members in all of these areas.”        

Enritsch developed the online community platform alongside MICE industry professionals. It places the visual content captured at an event, along with the tools and technology, in the hands of the attendee.

Megan French, chief marketing and energy officer, Enritsch, said: “Technology continues to transform the meetings and events industry. Planners need to leverage it to gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly consolidated environment, and attendees demand it because it’s what they already use and experience in their daily lives.

“Mohmentz provides new sources of added value enabling event planners to increase event revenues, deliver more immersive and exciting experiences for the attendee, and drive top and bottom line growth.”  


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