Tek Khoon Lim
Oct 9, 2014

ROAD TEST: My preciousssssss…sleep with MotionX mobile app

Tek Khoon Lim, ECD at Tribal Worldwide Malaysia, dreams of how brands could use his favourite activity-tracking app to reach out to him.

ROAD TEST: My preciousssssss…sleep with MotionX mobile app

I’ve been using MotionX for over a year now and still no brands have reached out to me on it despite multiple chances to do so. Let me lay out my day and you’ll see.

Waking up, I hear the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore; the sleep alarm gradually increases in volume, gently coaxing me from hours of quality sleep. I reach for my phone to turn off the MotionX alarm, then complete a heart-rate check by resting my finger over the phone’s flash and camera lens. MotionX suggests that I tag a pharmacy proximity reminder on to a pinned trial coupon for Brand A’s fish-oil supplements to keep my heart beating strong. OK!

MotionX gathers from my calendar that I have a hectic morning and suggests a strategy sponsored by fitness Brand B, starting with a 30-minute trail run followed by a hearty breakfast. The trail map shows me that my running buddy set a new pace record with his Brand C ‘connected’ trail-running shoes. Beat his time and I get a discount coupon. Challenge accepted. Coupon attained!

Two hours later, MotionX sends me a sponsored message to stay hydrated with Brand D’s beverage and to take a five-minute walk as I’ve stayed too long at my desk. As lunch approaches, MotionX tempts me with some tasty deals from Restaurant E nearby. Stomach growls. I hear waves crashing.

Turn off alarm; heart-pulse check. Refreshed, eyes wide open, no chance of a snooze now I’ve woken from the dream of how I wish MotionX could come of age.

Prior to MotionX, I tried several wearables such as Lark or Jawbone Up, but they were a hassle. Once mobile motion technology advanced, I tossed the wrist-bands and tried MotionX. It worked like a charm.

MotionX tracks sleep very well using a combination of motion and sound capture to determine sleeping patterns, gently waking me during light sleep stages. The heart-rate monitor works as advertised but the activity tracker needs better accuracy. Remedy that, and some software tweaks could benefit brands — monetising the product so it pays for itself instead of prompting in-app purchases.

I guess I’ll keep dreaming.


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