Jun 2, 2016

Little spark of force to change the world

Tencent’s 9/9 Charity Program lets anybody become their own Bill Gates, calling on friends in their social network to donate through WeChat to their favorite charity.

Little spark of force to change the world

There are thousands of small-scale NGOs in China. Lack of trust and transparency between the NOGs and the public has hitherto greatly hindered the development of NGOs. Tencent, as one of the biggest internet company in China, wants to link thousands of small-scale charitable groups to donors and their funds, and shine a light on both donors and the charities.

The company established 9/9 Charity Day, for thousands of small NGOs to sign up for on its mobile platform. It also opened the platform to allow individual users to raise money for their favorite charities through their social networks. Most fundraising goals were met within an hour. All small donations were made directly through WeChat, with one click. Any donation, no matter how small, can avalanche into a movement when replicated by Tencent’s 600 million global users.

Little Spark of Force to Change the World. One doesn’t need to be a famous humanitarian to be able to change the world. Everybody is capable of small deeds, with a little help from Tencent’s platform. Tencent believes, the power to make a difference lies not with celebrities or KOLs, but with ordinary SNS app users. When they share information about the charities closest to their hearts, they spread the word about those projects. As the results, in only 3 days, 2.05 million users donated; Tencent 9/9 Charity Day raised RMB127.9 million, which made up nearly 30% of all online fundraising in China in 2014.

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