Minnie Wang
May 11, 2023

Infiniti Motor creates 'once-in-a-blue-moon' kind of hue for new SUV

INSPIRATION STATION: Publicis Q, Infiniti, and Ouchhh Studio play with astral data and generative AI to bring a rare and ethereal hue to life.

Infiniti Motor creates 'once-in-a-blue-moon' kind of hue for new SUV

78.6% of cars are said to be white, black, grey or silver. Infiniti, the luxury arm of Nissan Motor Co., is challenging this norm with a rare colour inspired by the moonbow.

A moonbow is a naturally occurring atmospheric phenomenon triggered when moonlight is refracted through moisture at exactly 42°. Moonbows are so rare that most of humankind will never experience them in their lifetime. This makes Infiniti's new three-row SUV QX60 launch in the Moonbow Blue, a pigment combining shades of blue, grey, lilac and light magenta, incredibly special.

Infiniti teamed up with Ouchhh Studio in Istanbul and agency Publicis Q in Tokyo to embark on ‘Project Moonshot’ and present an immersive design experience bringing the stunning Moonbow Blue to life. 


As Moonbow Blue changes with the light, Ouchhh Studio used astral data from the moon, sun and stars, with data support from international space research organisations, to create generative artworks like the cosmos.

Ferdi Alici from Ouchhh Studio explained,  “We used millions of years of data manifested into one real-time art expedition. Data from the moon informed the colour. Data from the sun casts the light and shadow. For form and motion, we used data that captures how starlight takes billions of years to travel to Earth.”

The generative artworks are now on display in the Infiniti lounge at the brand’s global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan and on the brand’s social channels.

Darren Hester, deputy general manager for Infiniti Global Marketing, said, “Launched on the night of the full moon, this one-of-a-kind experiment is a true testament to  Infiniti ’s drive to continually push boundaries and create unique luxury experiences.”


Chief Creative Officer: Erick Rosa
Global Creative Director: Nishant Shah
Senior Art Director: Pascal Viout
Senior Copywriter: Edmund Henry
Senior Art Director: Christie Way
Art Director: Sia Nan
Art Director: Lou Cabeza
Head of Content: Rish Gopal
Social Strategist: Elise Meng
Account Director: Sara Mathivanan
Business Director: Jean-Guy Saulou
Account Executive: Eliza Sautter
Producer: Chanakan Metacharunon
Producer: Mizuho Yonemoto
Digital Artist: Ferdi Alici

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