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Aug 3, 2023

How not to write a job advert: Australian IT company advertises for a 'non-woke' worker

Despite attracting a lot of attention, the controversial ad has been slammed by job seekers for being "unprofessional" and a "red flag for anyone with a brain."

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps
Want to know how not to publish a job advert? We've got some mid-week insight for you.
After publishing a listing with a highly odd demand, a small IT company in rural Western Australia has drawn a lot of attention lately - and not the kind any prospective employer would relish.
“We are looking for an MSP technician who is now looking for a position in a company who is not woke and values diversity of thought,” the advertisement read.
Photo: @tekneeky/Reddit
Posted by Wallis Computer Solutions, based in Dalwallinu in rural Western Australia, applicants were notified there would be "no requirements for pronouns" in the core position details section of the job description.
The ad also declared, "We know what a woman is."
If nothing more, the job posting stood out for all the wrong reasons and quickly gained a lot of attention after being shared with the AusFinance Reddit group.
The job description goes on to state that applicants will never be required to disclose their medical vaccination history in order to gain employment.
“You are not required to have COVID vaccine or any other vaccine to work,” the ad said.
With a salary range of AUS$65,000 to $90,000 a year plus bonuses, the “right applicant” would be able to work entirely from home.
However, if a person was willing to move to Dalwallinu, a town with a population of slightly more than 1300, then the ad lits it would “definitely help" negotiations.
Photo: @tekneeky/Reddit

The advertisement has circulated across several groups in the week since it was posted online, and commenters have been split on whether it was a warning sign or a breath of fresh air. 
“Terribly unprofessional and a red flag for anyone with a brain. Who cares on someone's political convictions. Just do your job and act professional,” one commenter said.
Another questioned how the business could claim to value "diversity of thought", while being willing to reject all "woke" individuals.
Another poster flipped the script on the business, calling them "a bunch of snowflakes" in response. "Talk about being easily offended," they said.
However, some people thought it was a "good thing" that the company was being clear about the kind of person they wanted to hire so that people wouldn't waste their time.
“Regardless of your political/religious/social views or beliefs, I think it's a good thing when people openly tell you who they are and what they're like so you know what you're getting beforehand,” one person commented.
This isn't the first time Wallis Computer Solutions has posted a controversial job listing, as last year managing director Nathanael Wallis uploaded a job vacancy to LinkedIn which was titled: “Unvaxxed Remote MSP Technician job”.
The business stated it was important to make clear its position on vaccinations, which Mr. Wallis described as a "contentious" subject. 
He told that "Before the Covid-19 vaccine came out, I expressed to our team my conviction that medical decisions should remain a personal choice." 
“I firmly stand by this position. It has always been, and will continue to be, the prerogative of our staff members to decide whether or not they wish to receive vaccinations (or any medical treatment).”
With their key values of "Near enough is not good enough" and "Workers need to go hard or go home", Wallis Computer Solutions may just have more employees opting for the latter based on their recent coverage.
Following the online backlash, it appears the job advert has been removed, but it's not clear whether the company has yet to hire anybody for the role. 
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