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Sep 24, 2019

How Mondelez and Silverpush snared Spider-Man fans for Oreo

CASE STUDY: Contextual targeting of people watching any kind of Spider-Man content achieved an impressive sales increase in a Southeast Asia campaign.

How Mondelez and Silverpush snared Spider-Man fans for Oreo

Background and objective

Mondelēz International aimed to increase brand engagement and sales of Oreo across several markets in Southeast Asia by building a campaign around the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, thanks to a partnership with Marvel.

The company also aimed to take advantage of the rapid and exponential rise of video consumption across Southeast Asia.

Finally, Mondelēz decided to adopt a softer and unintrusive approach through contextual marketing; the company wanted to deliver messages to the right people at the right time, without breaching the privacy of its target audiences, to improve Oreo’s brand retention and registration. 


Mondelēz engaged with SilverPush, using the latter’s Mirrors platform to target Southeast Asian Spider-Man fans and related audiences.

Mirrors, which employs AI, computer vision and deep learning, was used during the month-long campaign to extract contextually relevant video content on YouTube, so that Oreo’s Spider-Man-themed ads would appear on precise videos, thus optimising engagement. The campaign was not limited to videos specific to the latest movie; Mirrors detected imagery related to all Spider-Man content (even spoofs) and then displayed ads based on real-time detection of objects within the videos.


Oreo in SEA registered 20% growth in sales in the first month of the campaign period, and the rate of sales went up by 4% compared to the previous period.  


Nikhil Rao, marketing director, biscuits, SEA, Mondelez AMEA, Singapore:

SilverPush’s technology helped us sharply target the Oreo Spider-Man promotion content at viewers who were interested in Spider-Man. This avoided the use of brute-force-targeting and using private data of consumers. It is a far more elegant yet effective means of targeting. We would like to further use this technology to target people based on what they are watching instead of who they are or what their affinities are.

Aniq Syed, category lead, biscuits, SEA, SPARK Vietnam:

Based on the objectives for the Oreo Spider-Man campaign, we identified mobile—especially video—as the key platform. Mirrors by SilverPush allowed us to push the contextual targeting norms to the limits by enabling us to showcase Oreo’s message in a less intrusive way to all audiences interested in Spiderman content. By transcending language and cultural barriers, this technology seamlessly empowered Spiderman fans to spark playful connections with Oreo across six markets in Southeast Asia.

Kartik Mehta, chief revenue officer, Silverpush:

For this campaign, we were faced with the challenge of creating one that was impactful enough to dominate mindshare while keeping things fun and playful. We found that Oreo’s core branding shares the fundamental similarities with Spider-Man of being youthful, optimistic and clever. Hence, we leveraged on Mirrors’ AI and machine learning capabilities to catch the attention of audiences who espouse those traits, in order to help Oreo rise above the noise of its competitors and generate more resonance with Southeast Asian consumers.



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