Nikita Mishra
Jun 2, 2023

Fred & Farid and the palette of AI possibilities

INSPIRATION STATION: Taking AI-generated art beyond the amateur hour, Fred & Farid redefines creative artistry for milestone anniversary celebrations.

Fred & Farid's 10th-anniversary exhibition in Shanghai
Fred & Farid's 10th-anniversary exhibition in Shanghai

Creative agency Fred & Farid marked its 10th year in Shanghai with the launch of AImagination, an AI artists exhibition that showcases the mastery of human imagination by bringing together diverse artists who have created original art pieces with the assistance of AI.

At a time creatives, visual artists, designers and illustrators are watching the explosion of text-to-image AI generators with equal parts awe and apprehension, Fred & Farid's exhibition is a potent reminder of AI merely being a tool to amplify human potential. If used appropriately, the possibilities are endless; but human creativity is not up for redundancy anytime soon. 

100 global AI artists like Benjamin Benichou, Anna Apter, Pierrick Jégou, Eugenio Marongiu, Fan Shi, Paul Trillo, and Carly Fridhandler come together for this exhibition in Shanghai to push the boundaries of creative exploration across domains such as films, photography series, brand experiences, concept stores, and product design.

Feng Huang, CEO, partner and executive creative director said, "As technology continues to evolve, we remain steadfast as crafters of creativity, leveraging the most relevant tools at our disposal to amplify the potential of our imagination. AI is merely one more instrument in our creative arsenal, with our imagination always leading the way. For more than ten years, Fred & Farid has stood at the forefront of harnessing emerging technologies”

Fred Raillard, the creative agency's founder added: “Our DNA as a media-neutral agency positions us as pioneers embracing the interaction between cutting-edge technology and human brilliance. In this synergy lies a realm of enchanting possibilities, we wholeheartedly embrace this exciting new frontier.."

The AImagination Exhibition will be open from 1 June to 10th in Shanghai.

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