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Jan 6, 2023

40 Under 40 2022: Hemant Menon, Dentsu International

An enthusiast for learning by doing, Menon is a number-cruncher who also wears a mentor’s hat comfortably.

40 Under 40 2022: Hemant Menon, Dentsu International
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Hemant Menon

Client partner and performance marketing lead
Dentsu International

Simply put, Hemant Menon is a fast learner. He is able to learn, apply, improve himself and uplift others all at the same time. This is possibly why he has been given a new role every year through his corporate journey that started some nine years back.

In his current role at Dentsu Singapore, he is ‘Mr Dependable’ and is everyone’s go-to person for all matters related to performance and tech. Menon is also credited with the success of Dentsu’s significant right-shoring efforts as part of its performance offering. He is known as a holistic problem-solver who can see trends and patterns in numbers and has been responsible for crafting performance, adtech and data narratives in numerous business pitches. Within Dentsu, he has been identified as a ‘game-changing talent’—part of a mentorship programme that recognises the top 10% of Dentsu employees globally for their high performance and contributions to the business. 

Coming out of the pandemic, Menon emphasised the importance of people-centricity while building an organisational structure for the future, which was received with optimism and a sense of empowerment within the organisation. He created the #makeitreal forum where he showcased the tangible impact of employee contributions to the business as well as drove everyone towards ‘championing meaningful progress’ which had synergies with Dentsu’s new mission. 

Menon is passionate about all things digital and how tech impacts the lives of people in the modern era. Outside his corporate role, he runs an informal think tank called ‘Trailblazers’ where members from different cultures, careers, as well as ethnicities, come together to share common interests around all things digital. He is also the co-founder and a regular contributor to, a creative space for people who share enthusiasm for studying the impact of technology across different realms of the modern era.

He regularly brings focus to trending topics such as Connected TV, identity fusion, identity graphs and our cookie-less future through his opinion pieces, by predicting how they might impact different shareholders in the advertising ecosystem.

Proven leaders with path-breaking expertise 


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