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May 3, 2023

This underwear doubles as a screen to encourage sex while streaming

An Instagram filter allows partners to watch their favorite shows – on their partners’ underwear – before, after or even while getting down to business.

Maison Pixel, an apparel brand best known for its underwear line designed to evoke the look of old pixelated video games, wants you to bone more.

To foster frequent freakiness, the company has introduced a line of green-screen underwear that doubles as a video screen. Streaming aficionados and binge watchers can scan their partner’s backside with an Instagram filter on their phone to view whatever content they want.

The underwear line is designed to counter research showing that 26% of American adults didn’t have sex in 2021, which is up from 23% in 2018, according to the General Social Survey. Maison Pixel lays the blame on phones, pointing to a 2019 survey from tech solutions company Asurion that found 75% of American adults bring their phones to bed.

Ad Nut is as plugged in as the next squirrel but cannot understand choosing Instagram Reels over intimate feels.

Ad Nut certainly does not need this underwear, as evidenced by Ad Nut’s many children and frequent nudity. But Ad Nut finds the campaign, by Atlantic New York, quite humourous and eye-catching.

The idea that this underwear will encourage more sex is dubious, but attaching a purpose-driven message to an otherwise light-hearted campaign adds to the humor.

The campaign includes three 45-second spots depicting mannequins wearing the streaming underwear sitting apart from each other on their phones, before eventually coming together to watch TV on each other’s plastic butts. The rest of the campaign rolls out on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube and comes complete with fashion creator partnerships.

Ad Nut humbly requests that brands continue hiring hard-working human actors for their commercials and not use creepy mannequins as Maison Pixel has.

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