Sophie Chen
Jul 15, 2013

Australian Federal Government launches jobs-plan campaign

SYDNEY – The Australian government has launched a new campaign focusing on innovation, growth and business expansion to support its ‘Plan for Australian Jobs’ initiative.

wide player in 16:9 format. Used on article page for Campaign.

With a new tagline “Australia Works – Let’s keep it that way”, the campaign is based on the central strategies of the Australian Government’s Industry and Innovation Statement ‘A Plan for Australian Jobs’, which was launched in February. The Plan contains US$0.93 billion worth of reforms to support industry and innovation and create jobs in Australia.

The campaign, including TVCs, radio, online and brochures, is running for five weeks. A 60-second TVC went live last week, along with another three 30-second versions that launched this week.

Developed by Ogilvy Sydney, in partnership with fellow-Ogilvy agencies One20 and DT, the TVCs showcase the three pillars of the Jobs Plan: helping local businesses expand to create more jobs, investing in innovation and helping small business grow.

“This campaign is about ensuring both business operators and the broader Australian public understand the key elements of the Jobs Plan and the assistance provided by the Australian Government to support industry development, innovation and jobs,” said Nathan Quailey, Ogilvy Sydney’s general manager.

“To achieve this we’ve focused firstly on Australia’s long-standing work ethic; that we’ve always been a nation of hard workers,” he said. “We’ve then focused on the fact that the Jobs Plan provides a blueprint for ensuring this hard work continues to pay off both now and in the future.”



Ogilvy Sydney
General manager
Nathan Quailey
Account manager Gemma Troup
Creative director Shaun Branagan
Copywriter Andrew Hankinson
Art director Anna Short

Design director
Jason Massarotto
Art director Dave Cashin
Designers Steven Pham, Chris Dale
Flash developer Andy Miller
Group account director Tony Vella
Senior producer Shruti Shukla
Producer Peter Zakrzewski

Peter Bloomfield
TV producer Josh Jenkins
Finished artists Amy Varaine (Final Brochure) Chad Edwards (Layout Development)
Colourist Parkar Akharlak
Print producer Paul Baron
Photography Paul Blackmore, Sean Izzard
Media agency UM

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