Matthew Miller
Sep 30, 2014

A little wackiness makes bank-deposit protection memorable

HONG KONG - Rhyming dialogue, celebrity characters and some odd ideas about where to keep one's money help the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board communicate complex benefits to the public in a new campaign.

wide player in 16:9 format. Used on article page for Campaign.

Client: Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board

Agency: Two Hundred

Market: Hong Kong

Campaign scope: TVC running on free-to-air and pay TV as well as in-bus video, radio, MTR window stickers

Background: Surveys showed that the public found the structure and provisions of Hong Kong's Deposit Protection Scheme to be "rather complicated". DPB invited Kam Kong and Chu Suet Mui, popular broadcasters in Commercial Radio 1’s long-running radio drama “18/F Flat C”, to star in a new TV advertisement. 

Press release quote: "To gradually gain presence in people’s minds and portray the content and provisions of DPS more clearly, the new advertisement has adopted a lively presentation format with easy-to-remember rhyming dialogue to deliver important DPS messages. These key messages include the legal protection and a maximum protection amount of HK$500,000 to depositors that the DPS provides, so that depositors can 'save with confidence.'"

Comments: The maxim that 'a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down' proves correct once again—and we should probably add that bitter melon also works.


Creative Directors: Christine Pong, Derek Wong, Opoon
Art director: Eunice Lui
Writer: Iker Lin
Account Service: Eric Leung, Summer Kwan
Film Director: Rick Chui



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