Dec 5, 2016

Programmatic conflict in China: iPinYou's point of view on PDB and RTB

The CEO and co-founder of iPinYou, Grace Huang, lists three rebuttals why being involved in both PDB and RTB is not a "conflict".

Jun 26, 2015

Location-aware targeting in Asia ready to rise

Pervasive mobile usage has created a permanent shift in consumer behavior, which is a key reason why location-targeted ads are quickly becoming the future of mobile advertising.

Feb 24, 2015

Use RTB more wisely: Media360Summit

A commendably frank session saw panelists break down the merits of RTB and examine how to get the best possible results from it.

Feb 17, 2015

VivaKi RTB buyers to move into media agencies

GLOBAL - Publicis Groupe is to move its VivaKi programmatic buyers into its media agencies, so that they sit alongside the traders in other disciplines.

Nov 26, 2014

Taking the 'Greek' out of programmatic relationships: Webinar highlights

HONG KONG - This morning's finale of Campaign Asia-Pacific's series of webcasts for the year, presented in association with Turn, investigated the key ingredients to optimise not just programmatic buying campaigns, but the whole brand-agency-technology relationship.

Nov 25, 2014

The programmatic connection between brand, agency and technology

HONG KONG - Ever since the Stone Age, tools have changed the way we work, both building and toppling empires. That’s why understanding the latest digital technology is essential to your business. If you’re wondering about how programmatic buying could change the way you do things (or should), our webinar series with Turn is the place to learn.