Jul 23, 2019

A year to Tokyo 2020: which brands will win the Games?

12 months out from the Tokyo Olympics, we take a look at how the Games are affecting Japan’s advertising market — and ask which brands stand to make the most from the sports extravaganza.

Jan 2, 2019

Will APAC advertising ever tackle its disability deficit?

Portrayals of persons with disabilities are overwhelmingly absent from advertising in Asia. But what barriers stand in the way? And will anything change following the Tokyo Paralympics?

Dec 18, 2018

Ingenious ping pong tables convey the travails of para athletes

A rebranding for the Japan Para Table Tennis Association aims to simultaneously heighten public appreciation for para sports.

Sep 14, 2018

Toyota launches mobility campaign

Asia launch event of global initiative involved a whole host of themes, including mobility, technology and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Jan 30, 2018

Book review: A polemicist addresses Dentsu's hold on the Olympics

Having spent almost 20 years at Hakuhodo, Ryu Honma clearly has an axe to grind with Dentsu. But his latest book deserves some attention, if only because it questions what many see as the natural order of things.

Nov 22, 2017

Japanese lack confidence in country’s ability to host more tourists

A public perception study finds Osaka is a lot more upbeat than Tokyo and Kyoto about being able to show visitors a good time.