1 day ago

What’s next for NFTs: Cartoon monkeys or the future of ownership?

The key promise of NFTs is that this new mode of ownership will bridge consumers’ lives in the physical world with their virtual belongings in the metaverse.

1 day ago

The metaverse is a very sexy, but much-hyped area to be in: Martin Sorrell

Cannes Lions 2022: Christian Deuringer and Sorrell discussed client-agency relationships, technology, and the importance of insights.

4 days ago

Can Apple and Meta play nice in the metaverse?

As AR kits become ubiquitous, the battle to sell metaverse hardware will be of secondary importance to the battle for ownership of what the hardware produces, says Hylink's US general manager

Jun 21, 2022

The real Web3 opportunities for marketers

Along with metaverse hype comes more tangible creative and commercial opportunities for marketers, says Virtue's chief strategy officer.

Jun 13, 2022

Will NFTs gain real currency in adland?

As Madonna makes her vagina available as an NFT, what is happening in the world of blockchain and crypto? And is adland capitalising on it?