Feb 13, 2020

Asia provides best ROI for mobile advertising investments, says Liftoff study

CPI for all ad formats are significantly lower, led by natives down a massive 22.6%.

Jan 15, 2013

7 mobile ad trends for 2013: What's hot and what's not

As consumers rapidly adopt mobile, Vikas Gulati, Southeast Asia vice-president with, provides seven trends that will drive mobile advertising to centre stage in 2013.

Oct 4, 2012

Toyota game makes phone charging 'fun' to promote plug-in hybrid car

TOKYO - Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing, working with Party, has launched a game that seeks to turn consumers' attitudes about charging their phones, and presumably their cars, from "Need to charge" to "Fun to charge".

Feb 23, 2012

Leo Burnett iOS app for Bundaberg Distilling analyzes tipplers, recommends cocktails

SYDNEY - The ingeniOmeter, an iOS app crafted by Leo Burnett in Sydney for Bundaberg Distilling, invites rum drinkers to analyse the true nature of their "inner being" and then recommends relevant rum-based cocktails.

Feb 2, 2012

GADGET UPDATE powered by Stuff: Apple's iWallet plans, wireless charging, and more

The week's round-up of the latest gadgets and reviews. Powered by Stuff Magazine.

Aug 25, 2010

Apple in talks with Fox and ABC for programme rentals via iTunes

GLOBAL – Apple is in talks with News Corp to offer Fox TV shows for rent via iTunes. CBS, NBC Universal and ABC-owner Disney are reportedly also involved.