Feb 1, 2021

Fresh tips for getting China's online youth engaged in live events

With brand loyalty dropping among young consumers, encouraging interaction, gamification and new experiences through technology can really help. Pico's global activation VP provides recent examples.

Nov 26, 2020

Udderly brilliant: Why Gen Zers are learning about dairy farming on Minecraft

Dairy Management turns to young interns for inspiration.

Oct 23, 2020

Three trends in young consumer spending in China from Euromonitor

In the realm of digital convenience, key opinion leaders and key opinion consumers continue to play an important role in the marketing of luxury fashion and beauty products, said a senior analyst at Euromonitor International.

Sep 16, 2020

Gen-Z conservatism is changing fashion in China

In the midst of a global pandemic and a 21st-century cold war, Chinese culture has looked inward and is taking conservative turns on multiple fronts

Nov 29, 2019

What luxury needs to know about China’s slasher generation

On a cultural level, the slasher phenomenon demonstrates what Chinese millennials value — individuality, flexible work hours, and self-entrepreneurship.