brand purpose

1 day ago

Interest in brand purpose heightened during pandemic and social unrest

SPIKES ASIA X CAMPAIGN: As consumers seek stability in their lives, they are gravitating toward brands and companies that can provide not just instant gratification with their products and services, but also longer-term value in their lives.

1 day ago

'The next wave of transformation is going to be creative'

SPIKES ASIA X CAMPAIGN: As more and more brands finish up their digital transformations, tech capabilities will be less of a differentiating factor. In turn, according to Wunderman Thompson's Justin Peyton, the game will be about commercial creativity.

Feb 10, 2021

Please, let’s end wokevertising

Turning generational social movements into marketing trends isn’t just callous and at times offensive. It could have truly dangerous implications.

Nov 30, 2020

Has marketing lost its heart and soul?

Even as procurement teams are emphasising sustainability and philanthropy, marketers appear uninterested—or in some cases hostile toward—pro bono work their agencies may be doing for charities. That's a mistake, according to the founder and CEO of TrinityP3.