Emily Tan
Feb 27, 2015

Wrapup: Working with Nigahiga, Net Neutrality and five other things you need to know this week

Also in this list, help turn your superior creative colour-sense on to #dressgate and tell us what colour the darn dress is, consider the potential impact of Marie Kondo's popularity and consider nominating yourself, or a teammate for one of our lists.

Wrapup: Working with Nigahiga, Net Neutrality and five other things you need to know this week

1. Media360Summit compilation & working with a YouTube star

For those of you who like to wait till the entire trilogy us out before you begin reading, here’s every single Media360Summit session for your enjoyment, and a bonus interview with both Lenovo and Ryan Higa about the hand-wringing that goes into a major global brand and a teen YouTube star working together.

2. Net Neutrality wins – so far

The FCC has voted that the internet is a public utility and has approved rules prohibiting internet service providers from blocking web traffic or charging websites for priority service.

3. Stop funding Cambodia’s orphanage factories

If you weren’t aware of this issue before (we weren’t), watch this video.

4. Is consumerism being replaced by cherishism?

First there was zakka. Now there’s kondo. Marie Kondo’s book on the art of tidying up has become a global phenomenon and, for some, even a life-changing philosophy. Is it speaking to a new consumer trend?

5. Nomination fever

Today is the last chance to get yourself (or one of your agency-mates) into our Digital A-List. If you don’t live in China, and meet the obvious qualifier, there’s also Women to Watch.

6. Taco Bell to enter Japan

Taco Bell and Asrapport Dining have signed an agreement that will lead to the Yum! Brand franchise launching restaurants in Japan. There is no word yet on when the first restaurant will open its doors.

7. Team #whiteandgold is winning the Twitter battle

The internet is going absolutely mad over this dress. Is it white & gold? Is it blue & black? Is everyone messing with us? Fascinating case study in how the internets can obsess over the trivial and also the vagaries of human colour perception. And of course, brands have gotten in on it with Adobe probably having the final say

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