Gemma Battenbough
Nov 10, 2022

Twitch’s top-performing APAC campaigns: Q3 2022

The platform’s standout campaigns of the last quarter include a sausage roll campaign for Patties and Amazon Prime Day livestreams.

Twitch’s top-performing APAC campaigns: Q3 2022

In the fourth edition of this series, Twitch's Head of APAC Brand Partnership Studio, Gemma Battenbough, details three of the best-performing Twitch campaigns in APAC this past quarter, analysing their performance across a range of metrics.

In this instalment of our quarterly review series, we dive into three recent campaigns including Australian heritage food brand Patties enlisting the help of a Minecraft expert in a reimagining of the humble sausage roll; Amazon Singapore's engagement of Twitch streamers to promote Prime Day; and Marriott inviting a top streamer, with audience in tow, to explore a futuristic new Moxy Hotels concept in downtown Tokyo.

Spotlight: Patties’ 'Reason to Party' Sausage Roll Launch campaign (Australia)

We all love to party when it comes to the big ABCs—anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations. But what about those smaller ‘wins’ in everyday life? The ones that make you want to get up and do a mini victory dance? Beloved Australian heritage brand Patties, best known for their fun-sized party pies and sausage rolls, was on a mission to capture these moments, launching a new national brand campaign 'Reason to Party' as its rallying cry. The question was, where to begin?

Gaming is full of little victories, from finally making it through a boss fight and solving puzzles to epic clutch moments. It’s also a place where people gather to support and celebrate each other. Patties therefore saw an opportunity to partner with Twitch and popular Minecraft streamer /Pearlescentmoon to tap into the power of the gaming community.

Coinciding with the launch of Patties’ new line of cheese-filled ‘Sauso-rolls’, the partnership saw /Pearlescentmoon spend more than 40 hours building an insanely detailed replica of a Patties factory in Minecraft that everyone could enjoy, complete with a ‘Sauso-Rollercoaster’ ride to guide her community through the journey of creating the humble Party Pie. Of course, this was all fuelled by multiple rounds of on-stream party pie and sausage roll consumption.

Over the course of a two-hour sponsored stream, /Pearlescentmoon’s infectious enthusiasm for party pies saw Twitch chat awash with nostalgia-twinged conversations around the community’s favourite Patties memories. Indeed, by going far beyond the usual taste test mechanic to authentically and creatively bring Patties’ ‘Reason to Party’ tagline to life, the campaign ultimately smashed all viewership and engagement expectations. Time for another pie, we think.

Results snapshot:

Sponsored stream results

  • Total minutes watched: 84,000 (+33% vs benchmark)
  • Total views: 22,000 (+25% vs benchmark)
  • Reach: 17,000 (+15% vs benchmark)
  • Brand mentions: 830 (Patties 685 + Party Pies 145)

Honorary mention: Amazon Singapore Prime Day (Singapore)

People often joke that retail therapy is Singapore's national sport. From online retail events—Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday—to the various religious holidays celebrated on the island and, of course, Chinese New Year, there’s certainly no shortage of excuses for Singaporeans to indulge in this perennially popular pastime. But it also means there’s a lot of noise.

Amazon Singapore wanted to raise its head above the parapet to drive awareness for its own shopping event, Prime Day. Recognising the litany of shopping occasions on the calendar and endless barrage of promotions available, the online retailer understood that the best way to reach shoppers was to work with the people who influence shopping decisions.

Recent research from Twitch found that 69% of Twitch viewers agree they are more likely to consider brands that creators use themselves. A further 66% of Twitch viewers agree that they are more likely to consider brands that creators recommend.

Armed with these insights, Amazon Singapore partnered with Twitch to sponsor two separate livestreams, which saw popular local Twitch streamers /zumi and /thesneakysushii take on new roles as ‘Shopping Sherpas’, guiding their communities through a variety of Prime Day deals. It was down to the streamers to flex their muscles and develop a narrative as they saw fit—Amazon Singapore purposefully left their brief broad, stepping away from the creative process to instead tap into the creators’ abilities to authentically engage their viewers.

This ultimately led to two completely different takes on how to showcase Prime Day deals. On the one hand, /zumi went through her favourite promotions and quirky items available during Amazon Singapore’s Prime Day and got her chat to help look for sweet deals to spruce up her bedroom. Meanwhile, /thesneakysushii had his community surprise him with a mystery box full of goods found in the Prime Day deals section. /thesneakysushii unboxed each item live on Twitch, sharing his excited reaction at the eclectic range of products with viewers at home.

The sponsored streams were supported by additional media buys - which included Twitch Premium Video, Display and High Impact Headliners - for a full 360 campaign driving awareness and engagement both in the run-up to and during Prime Day.

By trusting the streamers to do what they do best—create fun and engaging narratives that resonate with their communities—Amazon Singapore was able to avoid falling into stereotypical hard-sell retail tropes, and instead build goodwill for the brand (as well as bottom line) that would far outlast the Prime Day festivities.

Results snapshot:

Combined sponsored stream results

  • Total minutes watched: 104,536
  • Total views: 21,893
  • Unique views: 15,978
  • Chat messages: 5,401

Video ads results

  • CTR: 1.01% (exceeds our benchmark of 0.39%)
  • VCR: 80%

Honorary mention: Taking a tour around Moxy Tokyo Kinshicho (Japan)

YouGov research in June found that 26% of Gen Zs globally plan to spend more on travel products and services this year. That puts travel in the top three categories of things the young people plan to spend their money on (after clothes, accessories, and eating out). However, the same survey also found that only 7% of Gen Zs in Japan were planning trips abroad—whereas 44% were planning a domestic holiday.

Moxy Hotels—a playful and affordable hospitality concept within the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio—saw this as an opportunity to engage a new generation of experience seekers. But knowing the competition would be stiff, Moxy Hotels wanted to go beyond simply telling Gen Z travellers what they could expect, and instead began to explore immersive, unscripted experiences. Ultimately, this led them to Twitch.

Twitch identified popular gaming streamer /sutanmi who also happens to be local to the area and invited him to scout out their latest launch in Tokyo’s Kinshicho district. The brief? Earn at least five stars by finding the QR codes at various locations throughout the hotel for a chance to win a fabulous prize.

During a two-hour sponsored stream, /sutanmi, took viewers on a pseudo treasure hunt to ‘find the stars’, all the while exploring all the hotel’s features, gamified applications, amenities and general nooks and crannies. Twitch chat followed him every step of the way, leading to excited explosions in conversations with each unveiling.

Results snapshot:

Sponsored stream results

  • Total minutes watched: 707,125 (+47% uplift vs benchmark)
  • Total unique views: 71,352  (+138% uplift vs benchmark)
  • AVG CCU: 5,702 (+90% uplift vs benchmark)
  • Chat messages: 11,407

Brand lift results

  • +21% favourability
  • +34% message association
  • +20% gaming association

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